Natural ways of removing acne

Natural Ways of Removing Acne: A Perfect Guide

We hate acne, don’t we! No one would want to walk through with acne and pimples all around. Most of us sit back at home and avoid roaming around the street while having acne. And the worst part about acne is, they just come into our face, just like that. One morning we wake up, and they are there, sitting right on our cheeks, pathetic! But we can escape from acne. In this article, we will discuss the natural ways of removing acne.  

Let us first know about their existence:

Acne on face is a common thing nowadays, especially in adolescence. At a young age majority of girls suffer from acne outbreaks, and a few percentages of boys too.  
Basically, there are pores in our skin. Some pores are big and some tiny. When the skin is exposed to dirt and dust, these pores are filled with oil and dirt particles, this causes blackheads and pimples. When the pores are extremely tiny, then whiteheads occur. They later turn into acne. This is a kind of infection also. One should make efforts in the direction of removing acne with natural ways, rather than applying expensive and chemical on the face, which can turn really harmful.

Age when acne grippes

We mostly see at a younger age but adults also do face acne issues. The adult’s ratio is less. Acne in youngsters and adults are like 80:20, respectively. Acne mostly occurs at the age of 10-16. During this age, there is a huge hormonal change in the body, and the body goes through a lot during this tenure. Things get worse for those who have oily skin. In the early 20s, acne starts fading away Young boys usually do not suffer from acne problems, but a few those suffer, their problem goes to extremity. Few men and women do carry acne to their 30s as well, it totally depends upon their skin and body type.

Where do they occur?

It’s a myth that acne only comes on the cheeks. Yes, they do occur there, but there are other body parts also where they make their existence. They pop up at the back, shoulders, neck, and chest also. The reason is these areas are normally exposed or have excess oil glands. When the oil and dirt are collected to a certain part of the body, it results in bacteria, and ugly acne comes up.  

Natural ways of removing acne and scars

Slowly and gradually when age comes up, acne fades and goes away, but they leave the scar…those ugly scars. Sometimes when the dead skin is not removed, they turn into ugly acne. So it is really beneficial to get rid of them then and there. The best is removing acne in natural ways.

Natural ways of removing acne

Don’t touch

Touching pimples leads to the spreading of bacteria. It is suggested not to touch them more often, or if you touch them accidentally, then better avoid touching other parts of your face or body with the same finger.  DO NOT SQUEEZE ACNE AT ALL. This will make the acne water go deeper and spill out to the entire tissue and the inner part of the skin may get infected. This is the most common mistake people do. Let the acne vanish in natural ways.  

Aloe Vera Gel

It has excellent skin repair qualities. Applying aloe vera gel on the skin reduces the burn or inflammation of acne and helps in making the skin absolutely oil-free. Aloe vera can be bought by any store, or it would be best if you grow the plant. Natural aloe vera is all-time greatest than the packed one.

How to apply
If using natural aloe vera, cut the leaf and apply the gel on your face. Just apply it like a face pack at night. It is so natural that you would not need to wash the face. Go to sleep and notice the freshness on the skin in the morning. If you use it regularly, then after a few days you’ll notice acne fading away. It is beneficial to remove acne marks as well.


You’ll be stunned to know that toothpaste is the best healing element that gives relief from the burn of acne. If you suddenly see a pimple on your face, simply put a bit of toothpaste on it. The cooling of the toothpaste will let the acne to dry-off overnight.

How to apply
Wash your hands, take a little amount of toothpaste, and cover the pimple with it, using your clean finger. Leave it for a night, wash it the next morning. REMEMBER to use only white toothpaste which has a mint effect.     


Cucumber is cool and is fantastic for acne. It is an anti-inflammatory. They work just perfect for pimples and reduce the mark of them from the skin. Make a simple cucumber face pack and apply it frequently.

How to apply
Mash cucumber with aloe vera gel. Make a fine paste and apply it to your clean face. Let it stay for 15 minutes, wash it off later with lukewarm water. You may add lemon juice and honey to the pack as well. If you want you may mash hem with a hand blender or use a jar for a fine paste.

Honey and cinnamon pack

Honey is skin-friendly. It is a natural antibiotic good for repairing skin. Removes the dirt and other dust particles from the skin, and works best when it is mixed with cinnamon powder.

How to apply
Mix honey and cinnamon powder. Apply it on the clean face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water. DO NOT mix lemon juice in it as it may be harmful to sensitive skin.



Last but definitely not least. Nothing can beat the soothing effects of Yoga. It really works. This is one of the natural ways of removing acne. Practice breathing exercises and asanas for healthy skin, the right way with discipline, and it will remove any kind of impurity from inside-out. One hour of mindfulness yoga leads to a healthy body, healthy skin, and an extremely blissful life.

Sarvyoga Takeaways

Regular use of the remedies and practicing yoga will repair the skin. Analyze your skin type and see which pack is best for you to apply. Do not mix everything and use, as acne-prone skin is extremely sensitive and one needs to deal with it accordingly. 

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