Corona Pandemic Effect on Mental Health how to deal

Corona Pandemic Effect on Mental Health and Ways to Deal it

Corona outbreak has broken health. The stress level has immensely grown along with the depression and anxiety graph, credit goes to the media breaking death news every minute. Corona pandemic effect on mental health isn’t a hidden thing now, just two options now-deal or die.

Patience is all we need, and also self-care, safety measures. Maintaining social distancing strictly is followed, but this is creating another level of fuss. Distancing is now getting on our nerves as people are craving to meet their loved ones. Failing to which, the depression cases are a lot more than corona.  

In this article we will discuss how to stay calm and protect mental health during this global pandemic. Several health experts have contributed their knowledge and tips, which you will get to read in this article.

Corona pandemic effect and mental health-The global issue

The pandemic has unfolded across the globe and normal life is like a dream now. Traveling, college, schools, playgrounds, gym, pools, workplaces, have their shutters down, and social distancing is leading us to the way of isolation. We have never seen it, nor ever heard. We are totally confused as to what should be exactly our expression of witnessing this pandemic. Should we write diary notes or should we mourn?

Whatever it is, but the world is suffering from money shortage, food shortage, job shortage, and much more. We are anxious already. This pandemic is bringing serious issues we could have ever imagined. This is straight affecting our mental health.

Physical & mental health due to the corona pandemic effect

Corona pandemic effect is leading to serious mental health problems and also physical health issues. Stressful experiences are string by string. Anxiety, stress, irritation, helplessness, to name a few.  Less sleep is another big issue. Especially for those who had this habit of visiting out regularly, be it office, or clubbing, or anything. Mothers who have kids are becoming more finicky now, fathers are less refreshed, and children are irritated, elders are more isolated.

People who had medical problems are vulnerable. There is a high risk for oldies and for those who are already suffering from mental problems.

Corona Pandemic Effect on Mental Health how to deal
Corona Pandemic Effect on Mental Health how to deal

Time to learn

It is now a part and it will be better if we accept it as soon as possible. We will now have to learn to live with it. We should now learn the ways to secure our mental state and avoid getting frustrated all day round. This is a stressful situation but let us not allow depression to win. Try this to be calm and not let any external factor affect our mood.

Fix a routine

Make a routine for you and the whole family, and strictly follow the schedule. You must be active and indulge throughout the day in some work so that no bad feeling can grip you and your family. It would be great if you limit the time spend on watching TV, reading newspapers, magazine, scrolling social media feeds, reading and forwarding unnecessary WhatsApp messages related to COVID. Trust only trusted source news. And watch the news just once or maybe twice a day, not more than that.

Try to be involved in activities with your family all day. Plan something daily, and make arrangements. Laugh, talk, and sip coffee together. Have a good time no matter what.    

Fitness for mental health to deal corona pandemic effect

The more you’ll work out, the more your brain will be fine. So in order to be mentally fit, you need to make sure that you are giving equal importance to physical fitness as well.  

Sleep properly

Having proper sleep is one important thing. Less sleep leads to irritation and intolerance. While, if you’ll sleep full, you’ll be fresh, energetic, cheerful and able to manage stress. 8 hours of sleep a day is enough for adults. Children may sleep more.

Eat properly

Healthy food gives a healthy body. Avoid eating junk at the time of the pandemic. Intake nutrients. Have fruits, fresh vegetables. Take small meals throughout the day instead of having heavy at one time, this will lead to bloating. Drink plenty of water, and keep fasting every week.

Do Yoga

Practice yoga and do breathing exercises on a regular base. This helps in boosting the immunity system. Also, try to meditate regularly. You’ll be calm and peaceful.

Holiday fitness guide


Praying gives you immense happiness. For internal peace, try to pray regularly, only if you like to pray. Choose a place of worship inside your house and fix a time. Without fail, every day at the same time, start worshipping god and thank them for providing a beautiful, fulfilling life. A positive soul attracts positivity. Remember to stay positive and be blessed for what you have in life.  If you don’t get time to visit mandir, church, etc, then make sure you listen to the amazing devotion songs on the phone or television or on the radio.  This is the best stress buster.

Spread awareness

Not only you, but the whole society is badly affected by the pandemic. Try to help those who are going mentally sick around you due to isolation. Help them, talk to them over call or video, and make them relaxed. Aware them with the safety measures, and show a silver lining between the clouds.   

Sarvyoga Takeaway

Emotions are hard to hold, we know. Frankly, …it’s fine to experience such a phase, atleast we are gaining the strength of witnessing and overcoming pandemics in our lives. A big challenge for us is, but slowly and steadily, we all will know how to handle this, we all will be powerful. The question is, are we learning something from such time? If not, then we will have to analyze ourselves and prioritize the important things and the least valuable things. We should now know the roadmap of our lives.

It is the time to stay calm and kind towards society and also towards us. Spend more and more time with the loved ones, and express how important they are in your life. Those who are far from you, call them and show the affection you have in your hearts.
It’s not that hard as it looks. This too shall pass.

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