8 Major Yoga Mantras To Memorize

Want to achieve a deeper level of focus and meditative state with Yoga? Check out these Yoga mantras to memorize!

Mantras find use in Yoga to improve meditative focus and to free the soul of worldly affairs. Each Mantra has some deep meaning that it carries. If you ever practice Yoga in an ashram in India, you will hear chants of sacred words such as “Om”. These chants serve an integral purpose in the whole process of Yoga.

In fact, mantra meditation is a whole art form that deals with the use of mantras in Yoga. You orate, whisper, visualize and chant these mantras as you get better with meditation. You can choose a mantra whose philosophy resonates with your mindset and start using it in your Yoga meditation.

So, if you’re going to adopt a mantra for yourself, go through the various mantras present on this page.

Popular Yoga Mantras to Memorize for Everyone

Om (/oːm/)

power-of-OM-Major-Yoga-Mantras-To-MemorizeOm is one of the simplest yoga mantras to memorize.

In mythology, Om is the sound resonated when the Universe came into existence. It is the very first sound ever to traverse the physical space. Om is a very simple mantra in nature and has positive effects on the mind. You can feel the vibrations of the vowel seeping in your mind.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ( /oːm/ /ʃɑːn.t̪iː/ /ʃɑːn.t̪iː/ /ʃɑːn.t̪iː/)

power-of-om-shanti-shanti-shanti-yoga-mantraIn this mantra, we combine two mantras into one. You already know what Om means, so you must be curious about the part that repeats three times. The word, “shanti” literally translates to “peace”, therefore you’re orating “om peace peace peace”.

The use of this mantra rejuvenates the body by making peace as the central focus. Your subconscious will eventually record it as the peace seeker.

Om gam ganapataye namah ( /ɡəm/ /ɡan̪ˠ/ /pataye/ /namah/)

This mantra is calling out to the great lord, “Ganesha” which is a sacred figure in Hindu mythology.

Ganesha is supposed to as powerful as ten million suns and reserves an abode of energy with it. By invoking Ganesha, we are invoking the massive energy that Ganesha holds. This energy removes the obstacles in one’s life and shows them the path of strength, and is a simple yoga mantras to memorize.

Oong Namo, Gurudeva Namo ( / oong namo / gurudeva namo / )

The mantra is saying the following,

“I entertain the infinite energy, I greet the holy wisdom”

This mantra is basically a short prayer that increases your spiritual energy. It’s a moderately long mantra and can be repeated multiple times when you start practicing it. It has been derived from Gurmukhi transcripts and teaches the followers the all-so-important lessons of humility.

Sat Nam ( /saʰtː/ /nɑːm/ )

The mantra translates to “my name is the truth”.

The mantra finds great significance in Punjabi prayers where it is part of the “Mool mantra”. The connected philosophy describes god as true to its name. It comprises of only two words and is yet another easy yoga mantras to memorize.

While chanting the mantra, take care that you speak “sat” for a longer time than “nam”. It’ll increase the mantra’s impact on the body and you’d be able to magnify your focus with it. Usually, “sat” is spoken eight times longer than “nam”.

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung ( /ra/ /ma/ /ða/ /sa/ /sa/ /sə/ /soʊ/ /hʌŋg/)

It is one of the cosmic yoga mantras to memorize, that talks about the celestial bodies.

Translation: The Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the infinite, everything is infinity, to which I am a part of.

The mantra delves deeper into the conscience and helps the mind strip off any negative energies. It primarily talks of the physical existence of everything and the grand scale at which the celestial bodies operate.

You can easily adopt this mantra as it uses only few basic vowel sounds and doesn’t have any complex words. The mantra takes the best effect when the appropriate yoga posture is also adopted for it.

Neti Neti (/nəti:/ /nəti:/)

This is another one of the easy yoga mantras to memorize and holds great significance in the day to day life.

In its essence, the mantra says, “not this, not this”.

The key aspect of using this mantra is that you’re falsifying something unacceptable. Often we face dilemmas in life that we so want to get rid of. This mantra falsifies the wrong path and imparts clarity in your mind.

It’s simple to pronounce and can be said repeatedly in one go. You can adopt the philosophy that this mantra propagates and make it a part of you.

asato ma sad gamaya, tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, mrityor ma amritam gamaya

asato-ma-sad-gamaya-tamaso-ma-jyotir-gamaya-mrityor-ma-amritam-gamayaThis mantra is a poetic verse that has a strong meaning to it.

This is how it translates,

“Take me from the dubious to the clear, Take me from the dark to the bright, take me from the dead to the immortal.”

As you can notice that the mantra talks of existentially important things. It’s a philosophy you can easily incorporate in your everyday life. It calls your inner self to show you light while you dive into the meditative state.

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