How To Achieve That Perfect Clear Wedding Skin

Is your wedding on the way?

A bride’s to-do list and schedule are never empty nor free. Everything about the wedding has to be perfect—especially your skin. You must look your absolute best, radiate your natural beauty, and wow your groom and guests the moment you walk down the aisle.

The pressure is real for brides-to-be. That said, is the desire to look perfect in your wedding photos gradually becoming the cherry on top of your stressful wedding preparations? Fret not, because you’ve got ten helpful tips to amp up your skincare routine. The best part about these tips is you can incorporate them into your daily agendas even with a hectic schedule.

Wash your face before going to bed

Your skin’s exposure to foreign materials, pollutants, and dirt contributes greatly to developing acne. Before getting a good night’s sleep, give your face a good splash of a good facial cleanser from your trusted brand. Make sure you don’t miss a spot and rinse off the day’s sweat and grime completely. Gentle and mild cleansers are best for everyday use, while exfoliating variants are ideal for weekly usage. Washing your face daily with exfoliants strips it off of its natural barrier and it gradually loses your inner glow.

Use a spot treatment

Spot treatments are great for reducing the swelling and redness of acne. Think of it as an emergency anti-acne kit for when a zit pops out on your face out of nowhere. At the same time, spot treatment helps unblock clogged pores brought by the inflamed blemish. There are tons of effective and positively reviewed spot creams and treatments available. Some notable brands include Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel, and COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch.

Exfoliate weekly

Exfoliating your skin boosts blood circulation and paves the way for all other cleansing products you use to penetrate the deeper layers of your dermis. It also helps even out your skin tone so you look more radiant and glowing from head to toe. To maximize the benefits of weekly exfoliation, do it on a spa day. Not only will your skin be treated to a refreshing deep cleanse, but you also get to have the stresses of the week massaged away from your entire body.

Try sheet masks

After cleansing your face at night, apply a sheet mask to retain your skin’s hydration. Some women tend to undermine the wonderful effects of using sheet masks regularly. While cleansing daily is good, it can leave your skin dry in the long run. That is unless you pair it with a good moisturizer and sheet masks afterward. Sheet masks are easy to apply and use.and help lock in moisture and nutrients in your skin.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Skip the wine and carbonated drinks. Drink plenty of water to help your body perform at its best. Admit it, overseeing your upcoming special day leaves you little time to rest. One of the best ways you can effectively re-energize is by consistently replenishing your body’s water supply. A well-hydrated and well-functioning body consequently enhances your complexion, helps fight acne faster, reduces the appearance of your pores, and calms down irritated skin.

 Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a popular supplement associated with achieving clearer skin and a brighter complexion. It activates collagen production to preserve your skin’s elasticity and effectively remove pimple scars. As an antioxidant, vitamin C fights off free radicals and protects your skin cells from damage. Another tested-and-proven benefit of this particular vitamin to your skin is its capability to lighten skin pigmentation and slow down melanin production.

Get your beauty sleep

If you’ve ever had to stay up late for several nights to work on a project or binge-watch your favorite show, you’ve probably noticed the drastic changes it has left on your skin. It becomes dryer and rougher. The dark circles under your eyes become more apparent and you look as though you’ve added years to your actual age. Never underestimate the powerful effects of a good night’s sleep! Sleeping is your body’s way of regenerating all the used up energy during the day. Without it, your body loses a huge chunk of essential nutrients and struggles to maintain equilibrium from within. 

Say no to oily foods

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Unhealthy fast food might be tempting when you are having a particularly overwhelming day. The truth is, a nutritious diet is the best way to deal with excessive stress and fatigue. Too much salt and oil in your diet drain the hydration in your body at a faster rate. As a result, your skin dries off more quickly, prompting it to produce more natural oil than necessary. Excessive oil is one of the main triggers for acne.

Hands off that zit!

Avoid touching your face when not doing your skincare ritual. Fight the urge to pop that annoying new zit you find sitting at the tip of your nose. Your nails and fingertips pick up all sorts of bacteria that can potentially be transferred to your face through direct contact. If you’re not careful, you could be making your acne worse by scratching or poking it with your fingers.


Find your zen. Let your body slow down and be aware of its surroundings. Inhale a fresh perspective and exhale the worries and anxieties pestering your mind. By doing so, your inner happiness and peace reflect clearly on your skin!

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