best Essential Oils For Women

10 Best Essential Oils For Women

Searching the web for the best essential oils for her? Here are the 10 best essential oil for women that can be used in day to day routine, to make life healthy again.

Essential oils are basically plant-extracts that have medicinal values. These oils can cure diseases and add to the general well-being of everyone. For women, they’re especially helpful in maintaining health and aesthetics.

These oils can be found in beauty products, food items, nourishment products and a lot of other things. You should have a clear understanding of what does what when you’re purchasing. So, here is a list of 10 best essential oils for Essential Oils For Women


Lemon comes with de-stressing properties. You can add a drop or two of lemon oil to water and drink every day. The cleansing properties of lemon help you clear your skin of all the impurities. It also helps you stay hydrated from within.

Lemon essential oil also helps you stay active during the day. If you often feel lousy during the day, you can try this oil and feel better instantly. That’s why it is at the top in our 10 best essential oils for women.


Lavender contains aromatic properties and has a refreshing fragrance. You must’ve heard about the expensive lineups of lavender perfumes, that are extremely popular. Similarly, lavender adds a touch of freshness to your mood.

You can use lavender essential oil as a bath time addition and rub on your feet. It keeps the skin alive, while your olfactory sensors make you feel relaxed.


The geranium essential oil is one of the rarest among the list of 10 best essential oils for women. It’s actually used for maintaining the optimum level of oil production in the body. The geranium oil will help the skin to balance out the oil production. So, if you have oily skin, you can use this oil to keep it under control.


Basil essential oil is the top muscle relaxant in our lineup. It finds its usage in pain relievers and natural antiseptics. If you ever get sore during a workout or you’re feeling tired, you can use basil oil.

The oil can be used in massaging your body or in bathing water. Note that you can also apply it to insect bites as it absorbs the acidic reagent from your skin, lending it relief.  Using basil essential oil daily can help improve memory as well.

Wild Orange

Do you ever feel unnecessarily lazy on some days? Keep some wild orange essential oil by your bathing supplies and you’ll come out full of energy. The essential oil makes its way to the 10 best essential oils for women due to its youthful properties.

The chemistry is such that it instantly lifts your mood and sends out energy in your body. You can use it in your face wash. Just a few drops can do the magic for you.


Melaleuca essential oil is the other name for tea tree oil. As you might already know that tea tree is an essential element of most skin-care products for women. This is because of its antibacterial properties. Melaleuca essential oil can be used to get rid of any hidden bacterial infection. You can even put a few drops in your clothes wash-water to set them free from any infection.


This is another great contender for lifting lowly spirits in the house. You can expect a pump in the mood when you let the aroma of Frankincense floating in the air. The essential oil also serves as a great skincare oil and helps you get rid of irritative skin.

You can use the essential oil pretty much for mild rash or skin cuts.


Ginger is a natural cure to digestion and metabolic problems. The ginger essential oil, therefore, serves as a great digestion booster. We have added the essential oil to the 10 best essential oils for women because it can be consumed with water. It’ll get rid of a bad stomach and you can also apply it to your feet for similar effects.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage essential oil is a godsend for women as it helps a lot in getting rid of uninvited mood swings. You can use it during your menstrual pain or to calm yourself down during a breakdown. The soothing properties of clary sage aid in fighting depression.

The oil can be put in your bath water or you can massage it on your skin to alleviate pain.


The last on our list is Oregano. The essential oil has tons of purifying properties and can help you keep the air around you clean. It also acts as a great immunity assistant. Women dealing with immunity problems can use some of it to improve their well-being.

You can use the oregano essential oil to diffuse in the air or consume it with honey to treat throat issues.

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