Fruit Therapy: Treatment with taste, it’s Naturopathy

Naturopathy and Ayurveda believe that humans are basically vegetarian. Neither the intestines nor the digestive system is fit for the consumption of non-vegetarian and other complex foods. This is the reason why Naturopaths around the world, believe modern-day diet habits have gone for a toss.

This results in various anomalies growing in blood, which in turn paves way for new diseases in the body. When the intensity of the problem grows, a medical practitioner puts the patient on a strict diet of plant-based foods, vegetables, roots, and juice of vegetable plants. In this article we will tell you the benefits of certain fruits, you can call it a fruit therapy, treatment with taste, this is great naturopathy.

Fruit treatment

Fruit Therapy: A Treatment

  • Pineapple-  the pulp of pineapple when put or applied to piles infected area provides relief. Any kind of swelling in the body is also diminished by eating pineapple. Two drops of pineapple juice when put in the eyes, help in lowering the swelling. Problems related to UTI, urinary pain, dripping of urine and urinary tract stone are also treated through a diet of pineapple.
  • Apple- Liver, joints, and general tiredness conditions are greatly taken care of by marmalade made of apple. Apple also helps in healing mental stress. Remember never eat an apple without the skin.
  • Orange- Orange juice extract and honey mixed in equal quantity help in curing all kinds of eye ailments. The skinned thunk of orange along with Emblica is very beneficial for people with heart conditions.
  • Walnut- Oil of walnut kills ringworms and also works in pain due to cold. For people with paralysis, putting walnut oil in the nose many times a day is recommended. Walnut peel also helps is curing pyorrhea and other problems related to gums.
  • Pomegranate-This fruit is beneficial in all issues related to the stomach and raises in the purification of blood. It helps removes acne and pimples and rejuvenates liver function. Pomegranate juice in a steel utensil is kept for the night and early morning drinking it helps cure jaundice.
  • Lemon- Early morning empty stomach having lemon juice with honey helps clean the bowels and fights constipation. It also removes extra fat from the body. Lemon is very beneficial in heart and pancreatic diseases. Honey and lemon in lukewarm water are time tested home medicine to fight cold. Lemon peel when massaged on the face, removes dirt and pollution, and keeps the skin healthy and clean.
  • Amla (Indian gooseberry)- Cough, piles, blood infections, sexual issues, urinary problems, vomiting, dryness, and heart conditions are just the important ones in a long list of diseases that get cured by this miraculous fruit. As a vegetable in a meal or as marmalade, it is as beneficial either way.
  • Guava- For purification of blood and cleansing of the digestive system, Guava tops the list of fruits. The seed in Guava helps getting rid of constipation. Intoxication due to cannabis or hemp is also tackled by Guava. Leaves of this tree help in all kinds of oral diseases of teeth and gums. In cases of insanity and mental unsteadiness, guava kept in water for the night is advisable for a few weeks.
  • Grapes- constipation in Kids are cured by a single spoon of grape juice. Daily morning and evening, giving grape juice help pain-free growth of teeth in kids. In the case of jitters and uneasy ness, grape juice works wonders. Dry grapes boiled in milk when consumed cures constipation and increase sexual stamina in men.
  • Mango- Blood impurities, stomach ailments, and impotence are treated by the consumption of mango. It has different benefits when taken as fruit, as marmalade, raw, cut, and with milk.
  • Banana- Ripe banana when taken with curd help in curing mouth ulcers. Raw banana when eaten after boiling in water cures constipation.
  • Dates- It helps in making of new blood in body. When taken with milk it increase digestive power and libido.
  • BlackBerry- 10gm marmalade made of the kernel of blackberry and poppy 1gm mixed together in a hint of water. tablets with size as that of a mustard seed should be prepared and taken with milk, daily morning and evening. This dosage has a very beneficial effect on diabetic patients. Blackberry vinegar is also cured liver and pancreas infections.
  • Apply freshly ground ginger on your forehead whenever you have migraine pain. Also in cases of scorpion bites, it counter-attack on the poison.
  • Juice of half a kg raw radish removes stomach worms.
  • Almond with 250gm radish’s juice and half litr of cow milk is best brain power booster.
  • If you are suffering from internal swelling in the throat, then mix carrot juice with an equal amount of water. Add a pinch of rock salt and gargle for three days to completely cure the problem.
  • Goosefoot- You may apply Goosefoot on the face if you are having a Leukoderma problem. Also dishes and bread made out of it aides in the process.

Sarvyoga takeaway

Fruits can be your best friends for life. The treatment from fruit can lead to the best therapy. It might be possible that medicines stop working on your body, but fruits will always be effective. Sarvyoga suggests you to always consult your doctor if you have any allergy or any illness background. Never consume anything before consulting your doctor.

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