Cure Diseases by 5 Elements: An Ancient Medical Practice

Do you know that cure of any disease can be found in elements that are all around us? These are our life building blocks and due to the imbalance of which the ailment happens in the first place. Cure diseases by 5 elements, it is an ancient medical practice. It does not make use of any kind of medicine. It focusses on exercise, rest, cleanliness, fasting, eating/drinking habits, air, water, light, soil, etc. in a balanced way.

Coherent and well-documented naturopathy may seem to have started in the recent century. But actually, it was part of our lifestyle forever. In India, 5000 years before Christ, the Vedic scripture is full of various classification and uses of naturally occurring elements. If you know the Karma Kanda, you must be knowing the five elements.

Naturopathy. Credit- nutraingredients-asia

Cure diseases by 5 elements  

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • Ether
  • Fire

Thumb represents fire, first finger Air, middle finger sky, ring finger earth, and small finger water. The same is used in Ayurveda and Yoga schools for medicine purposes.

For many problems, 5 elements are enough to cure diseases

You can get rid of a lot of problems without even taking any medication. If you have a stomach pain and indigestion problem, it can be cured by fasting. If you are suffering from sprain, pain, and muscle ache, try putting a hot towel, you’ll feel relaxed. A lot of old diseases, many times cure by changing the location of patients like taking them to a colder place or shifting them to a more hot place with ample sunlight.

People in a particular city have a common problem which is nowhere to find in a different city. A clean environment and right eating habits are the way through which people can be cured without medicine. This kind of natural practice of healing started making waves in 17th century Germany.

First, it was the European countries and then the whole world started to embrace this methodology of healing. In Naturopathy, the root cause of all diseases is considered to be not following the laws of nature. This violation happens at the mental level, eating habits, work, rest, breathing, sleep/wake time, etc. According to American naturopath, Lind Lahr getting sick is not an area to worry about. It is a natural way of fighting against the imbalance.

The concerned area is diseases not getting cured. Suppressing the symptom of any disease is giving birth to a new complex disease. Unfortunately, that’s what modern medicine is doing now. In the case of pustule or ulcer, cough, and cold, fever, and pus, it is a clear fact that the body tries to excrete out toxicity out of the body naturally. It is a duty of medicine to aid the process.

Naturopathy says

In naturopathy, it is a thumb rule that virus bacteria are not the foremost reasons for diseases but the condition of the body that allows these micro-organisms to thrive. Unless a dirty and un-kept body is available as fertile soil, the seeds of illness cannot grow. Father Kunhe once said, “the first principle of naturopathy is that body in itself is a doctor, that can fight any disease and cure any ailment. All we need to do is assist the doctor”.

When you go for naturopathy, all waste collected in your body is excreted or thrown out. Your affected body organs get help to function normally. Dr. Just is his world-famous “Return to Nature” says “any disease, irrespective of the organ hit effects and what its origin point, finally it takes over the entire body. That’s why cure should be of the entire body”. In this field of healing, daily cleanliness, purity, exercise, rest, sleep, fast, water, light, air, sunlight, and the soil is used in balance and this method is as effective as other branches of medicine. In case of complex and near to impossible ailments, sometime sit is the only therapy that works.

You may try other independent therapies of naturopathy:

Yogic Therapy

If you know, India is the land of yogis for thousands of years. The divine song of the lord – Bhagavad Geeta and Patanjali’s Yogsutra is still the foremost reference point for yoga knowledge. Although yoga is systematically divided into 8 parts, the part that deals with Asana and Pranayama are taken into account for the healing purpose of naturopathy. You may take Yam and Niyama’s part as dos and don’ts about your daily and social life duties.


600 years before Christ, in the treatise of Ayurveda, there is a reference to treatment by water. But Sir John Flair wrote a book about the complete science and made it world-famous so did German practitioner Father Louis Kunhe.


Sun therapy is older than Ayurveda. In present times, many learned people think the healing for the future will be through the sun because it is the most natural way of developing the immunity of the body.

Fruit and Vegetable therapy

Around 700 B.C, Sage VaaghBhatta wrote ashtanga Sangrah, where he gave comprehensive research on all naturally occurring and farmed fruits and vegetables. He formulated the exact amount of usage of fruits for the treatment of ailments.

Salt and Spice therapy

This therapy is based on the simple use of various spices for medicinal purposes. We all know the miraculous quality of Aloe Vera or Turmeric in the holistic healing of the body.

Sarvyoga takeaway

Everyone of us are suffering some or the other disease. It is up to us how to get rid of them. Without a second thought you can accept that the 5 elements around us helps in recovering any sort of issue. You may blindly follow the above therapies we have recommended, until and unless you don’t have any other issues. In case of any medical history, its always better to consult any doctor before trying anything new.

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