How to cure Insomnia by yoga and simple tips

Is it accurate to say that you are experiencing a sleeping disorder? Stopped stressing! Here’s assistance from yoga. Yoga asanas when rehearsed frequently alleviate your brain and body, and ensure you a decent night’s rest.  Yog Asana works on each and every parts of the body to correct every possible imbalance in your body. Perused on to discover more on a sleeping disorder cure by yoga!

yoga-for-insomnia-tipsIn Today’s world, all people wants to be successful in their life; for this they do hard work for earning money and fame. They don’t have proper daily routine; they worked at late night and eating fast food. This irregular routine is the main and common cause of Insomnia. And Insomnia is the symptoms of many others sleeping disorders. Or you can say that insomnia is the first level of sleeping disorders.

Many people take sleeping pills for decent sleep and it’s effective but taking sleeping pills for a long time is harmful to you. And sleeping pills have many side effects. Once you used to it, then you can’t take normal sleep without pills.

So if you in the starting stage of Insomnia or sleeping disorder then add yog to your daily routine. By regular practice of yoga can cure insomnia. Yoga is not costs you, but you have to give some hour to Yoga.

Here we are, mention yog Asana and pranayam for insomnia, by which you can fight against sleeping disorders.

what is Insomnia?

A sleeping disorder is the powerlessness to get the measure of rest you have to wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated. Since various individuals need diverse measures of rest, a sleeping disorder is characterized by the nature of your rest and how you feel subsequent to dozing—not the quantity of hours you rest or how rapidly you nap off. Regardless of the possibility that you’re burning through eight hours a night in bed, on the off chance that you feel languid and exhausted amid the day, you might encounter a sleeping disorder.

  (In simple words Insomnia is the inability to get the proper amount of decent sleep or lack of sleep).

What are the common Causes of Insomnia?

At times, sleep deprivation just keeps going a couple days and leaves all alone, particularly when the a sleeping disorder is attached to a conspicuous impermanent cause, for example, stress over an up and coming presentation or a difficult separation. Severe insomnia, be that as it may, is typically fixing to a hidden mental or therapeutic issue.

Some common causes of Insomnia are given below

  • Medical issues or sickness

Numerous medicinal conditions and infections can add to a sleeping disorder, including sensitivities (allergies), Parkinson’s, asthma, hyperthyroidism, indigestion, kidney sickness, and tumor. Endless torment is additionally an exceptionally regular reason for a sleeping disorder.

  • Sleep scatters(Sleeping disorders)

Insomnia is itself a rest issue, yet it can likewise be an indication of other rest issue, including rest apnea, eager legs disorder, and circadian cadence aggravations fixing to stream slack or late-night shift work.

  • Medications

Numerous physician endorsed medications can meddle with rest, including antidepressants, stimulants for ADHD, corticosteroids, thyroid hormone, hypertension medicines, and a few contraceptives. Regular over-the-counter offenders incorporate cool and influenza medicines that contain liquor, torment relievers that contain caffeine (Midol, Excedrin), diuretics, and thinning pills.

  • Emotional Stress and Psychological issues

Melancholy (Depression)     Uneasiness (Anxiety) and are two of the most widely recognized reasons for unending sleep deprivation. Other basic enthusiastic and mental causes incorporate incessant or critical life stress, outrage, stress, anguish, bipolar turmoil, and injury.

Filling in for late shifts or unpredictable movements can upset your rest plan. You might have the capacity to constrain the unfavorable contact with these simple tips.

Add new habits in your lifestyle

  • Take limited or minimum amount of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and quit smoking.
  • Avoid napping during the day because it can make it difficult to sleep at night. If you really feel like you have to take a nap, and then take a nap of only 30 minutes before 3 p.m.
  • Take your meals in time, avoid late meals. Avoid fast food and take proper balanced diet.
  • Do daily exercises or yoga (Asana, Pranayam, meditation) minimum half an hour.
  • Get early to bed and try to wake up early in the morning. Make a systematic regular sleep schedule.
  • Shut down your TV screens 1 hour before sleep.
  • Abstain from animating action and unpleasant circumstances before sleep time (avoid long discussions, arguments before sleeping, keep your mind quiet and calm).
  • Keep your bedroom dark, quiet, cool and keep your bedroom lights low.
  • After dinner, do Vajrasana or go for night walk.

Beneficial Yoga-Asana for Insomnia

Useful Pranayama for Insomnia


If you really want to take decent sleep without taking sleeping pills then please follow these simple steps and do regular yog Asana, pranayama and meditation. Keep a several time gap between your meal and exercises. Consult a doctor and yoga expert before starting yoga.

Our motto is making every people life happier, healthier and joyful by these simple tips and Yoga.

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