All Mums Should Know About Prenatal Yoga

All Mums-to-be Should Know About Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a phase extremely special for any woman. The most blissful period of life could happen for any couple. If there are no health issues for the mother, then the happiness multiplies. You can do whatever you want and whatever you love. If you are into a job or any business, or any other work, you may easily continue it with your pregnancy as far as you are healthy. Exercise should anyway be done on a regular basis, and when it comes to pregnancy, it is a must for mommies, and when it comes to exercise, whats great than prenatal yoga.

A mother’s workout is important for the growth of an unborn child. Exercising while taking extra care in this phase is utmost important. Yoga is the best form of exercise that pregnant women may choose. It is way too safer than any other workout. Make sure to do pren atal yoga with any certified instructor. Some certified yoga instructor offer special prenatal yoga for pregnant ladies. You may take individual classes, or group classes are also being offered. Benefit of group classes is that you can meet other to-be-moms as well.

Mommies-to-be…please note the rules for practicing yoga with your baby bump:

Any rigorous asana like headstand pose, etc. should strictly be avoided.

Yoga during pregnancy doesn’t mean to be strict on your workout and take intense sessions, rather, it completely means to be calm in mind and heart, and enjoy the period with peace and pleasure. It is also helpful in mood swings which is common among the pregnant ladies.

All About Safety During Prenatal Yoga

Who says yoga is just about bending and twisting? Yoga also includes the art of calming down the mind and soul. If pregnant ladies perform it in the correct form, it is extremely beneficial for them. It will help you to deal with the changes happening in the body during this phase. Plus you will be able to adjust in the change properly, even if it is an early stage or the delivery process. It tremendously cools down the mind and is a stress buster that your body desires immensely during the tenure. It can be practiced for normal delivery. However, there is no guarantee that practicing prenatal yoga results in normal delivery.

All Mums Should Know About Prenatal Yoga
All Mums Should Know About Prenatal Yoga

For prenatal Yoga, keep These Points in Mind:

Opt for prenatal classes. Ladies who take yoga sessions should tell their instructors about their situation so that regular yoga practice should be avoided and they must switch to prenatal practice.

The second trimester is the most interesting one. Here your instructor would teach you to balance to stand on your heels/toes. While performing this, make sure you use some form of support.

Whatever asana you perform, make sure the breathing pattern is correct.

Perform asana that could help you escape from sciatic pain. Most women suffers from sciatic pain during pregnancy.

Avoid twisting from the waist, rather use back and shoulders. Your bump should not feel pressure or sudden shocks.

Effective Asanas for Prenatal Yoga

Sarvyoga Takeaway

We understand that staying healthy while pregnancy is a wish every woman makes. But you need to be a bit alert in this case. You should consult your instructor before starting any session, and discuss with him/her about your health history. You should also discuss your doctor about your plans of joining prenatal yoga sessions. You should know that the first trimester is extremely important and delicate, chances of any risk is higher at this period. The tummy is not at its peak at this time, but pregnant ladies should know how crucial their first trimester is. So, even if they are planning for prenatal yoga, they should perform them under proper guidance and after full consultation.

You may go ahead to practice yoga in your second trimester. Or it is best to consult your instructor and doctor.

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