{15} Benefits of Lemon Water (Hair, skin and Health)

What are the top 10 benefits of Lemon water (Hair, skin & health)? You’ve tried Lemon tea; now try lemon water for your whole body. Lemon is an awesome fruit and you use it in your life in many ways. Generally, lemon is best known for its citrus acid or Vitamin C. But you know what Lemon is the important and good source of many nutrients along with antioxidants. Antioxidants & nutrients are vital for rejuvenating, restoring as well as benefits your whole physical mainframe.

Here, we reveal the top astonishing benefits of Lemon water which is good for your whole body. One interesting fact is, you can double its benefits if lemon water consumed with lukewarm water. So, what are you waiting for just to say goodbye to your bed tea and drink some natural and refreshing lemon water and revitalize your mind, body & soul.

So, be with us until the end of the article Benefits of Lemon Water.

We divide the top benefits of Lemon water into 3 parts: Hair, skin and your health.Benefits-of-Lemon-Water-Hair-skin-Health

How Lemon water is beneficial for your hair?

  • Forget your greasy and oily hair

Many of our friends suffer from this general problem. So, our friends with greasy/oily hair get the amazing benefits of lemon water for this issue. Lemon water has a capability to reduce the secretion of sebaceous (a type of glands present in the scalp) which is present in your scalp. This prevents your hair follicles from getting clogged.

  • Best for Dandruff & Dry Scalp

As we know that, lemon is rich in antioxidants, which is most advantageous for your head scalp. Thus, if you consume lemon water regularly but in fixed quantity is very beneficial and kicks out the problems of dry itching scalp & dandruff permanently.

  • Promotes your Hair Growth

The water of lemon is also famous for its awesome natural & effective hair care solution. Lemon water keeps your hair follicles/roots healthy as well stronger. Lemon water is a best & natural stimulant for hair, thus it promotes the growth of your hair.

How Lemon water is beneficial for your Skin?

  • It gives you clear skin

Lemon water also removes toxic substances from your body; hence it keeps your skins glowing and clear. Apart from combating with free radicals, the lemon rejuvenates your skin (internally). By which you black spots or age spots are can’t appear. This will result, you won the spots less skin & feel younger.

  • Anti-aging Properties of Lemon water

As we all know that lemon is rich in with natural antioxidants. This can tremendously fight with free radicals. Vitamin C removes free radicals completely from the body. Due to its vitamin C, a fruit of lemon also repairs the damaged cells of the skin. Hence it cures fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, blemishes, old age spot, and deep wrinkles. So, that’s why water of lemon is recommended as an awesome anti-aging solution.

  • Lemon water lightening your skin and remove Acne Scars

Daily consumption of fresh lemon water can remove/cure blackheads, acne and other skin problem very easily.  But you have to drink lemon water with empty stomach in the morning. The sharp properties of lemon water are also vital for vanishing out the scars from your face.

Now come to the third category and it’s Health.

How lemon water is beneficial for your health (Vitamin C)?

Generally, all we know that Lemon is an awesome source of  Vitamin C. This Vitamin C is tremendously boost/improves your immune system. If your immune system is all good, then attacks of bacteria & viruses are automatically reduced or less effective by your immune system. This will leads you overall good health, and you don’t get any common or frequent diseases.

  • Beneficial for your respiratory system

For a refreshing and energetic day, drink lemon water to cure all your breathe or respiratory related problems. Lemon can cure Asthma and bronchitis. So, these common but dangerous respiratory issues are cured or healed by a glass of lemon water.

  • Vitamin C is the best Natural Detox

For a healthy body, it’s mandated that your internal system is pure and free of toxins materials. So, lemon water takes care of your overall health by detoxifying your body.

  • Lemon water maintains the level of pH in your body

Lemon is a citrus fruit even though lemon can outstandingly balance the pH level of the body. You are amazed that daily consumption of lemon water is the best way to neutralize your body. The Benefits of Lemon Water is, It makes alkaline by reducing acidity.

  • Lemon water has awesome Antibacterial Agent

A daily routine of drinking lemon water boosts your sweating process. This will helps you to heal from influenza or fever. It can also treat throat infections like tonsillitis and another general throat related problem. Antibacterial properties of Lemon water are best for keeping away infectious & bacterial problems.

  • Rich in Protein

Lemon contains a high amount of chemical element Potassium (K). Potassium is very beneficial for triggering the activities of the whole Nervous system or Central Nervous system. Potassium also keeps oxidation process under control and controls your blood pressure. In simple words, lemon water guards you against various potential physical illness and you feel energized all the time.

  • Improves your urinary system

Lemon is a natural diuretic property; this property can improve your rate of urination. Proper urination process is the most vital thing for maintaining your urinary system health. Lemon removes waste as well as toxic material from your internal system. By which the issue of rheumatoid arthritis is staying far away from you.

  • Oral health

As lemon water contains antioxidants, which kicks out oral health issues. Bleeding gums, bad breath, whitening of teeth, stop infections in your mouth, kill bacteria. These all problems can easily short out with a glass of lemon water solution.

  • Useful in Weight Loss

If you tried lots of products for weight loss, but you couldn’t get an effective result. Then not to worry, a fresh lemon is a truly magical gift for our obese friends. Here, the publican noted that Lemon water has a tendency to burn the fat fast and control your unnecessary appetite. But for obese people use lemon solution with warm water with one or two teaspoons of honey. The combination of warm water, lemon & honey is the amazing trio for reducing excessive fat. Believe that, this trio is the best & most generally used but effective home remedies to get rid of fat.

  • Relieves Indigestion

Indigestion, constipation, abdominal cramps, stomach ache, and bloating problems are most common. For this, you’ve to just drink a full glass of lemon water with lukewarm water daily. And from the first day of use, you can easily feel the difference. Lemon water improves the secretion of juices in your digestive system. This will make your digestive system smoother for better functioning.

Important Notes

  • Don’t add sugar to your lemon water solution. But you can add a pinch of black salt in your lemon water.
  • People having high blood pressure are strictly advice that, use normal pure as well as fresh water instead of warm. And also avoid salt in your lemon solution.
  • You can add a teaspoonful honey with lemon but use lukewarm water. Diabetic patients do not suppose to use honey with lemon water.

That’s it, now you know the top benefits of lemon water. So, what are you waiting for just to say goodbye to your bed tea and try lemon water with a smile. Try this, and write to us for your experience.

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