Effective Yoga For Beat Bad Breath {Poses And Pranayama}

We all are social animals and face to face conversation is an essential part of your daily life. It does not matter where you are.  But the most embarrassing moment is when somebody told you that your mouth is stinking. Then imagine what the condition of yours in that situation. You feel like that you committed some crime.  Don’t disappoint! Carry on to reading this article till the end. In this, you’ll find Yoga To Beat Bad Breath with poses & Pranayama.

Effective-Yoga-To-Beat-Bad-BreathBad breath is a common but most insulting problem; many of us had suffered from this issue and feel embarrassing. People ignore you, just because of your mouth bad odor. And if the classical instrument of communication smells foul, nobody likes it.

The word Halitosis (it’s a scientific term for bad breath), is originated from the Latin word Halitus and Halitosis is the English word. In every 1 in 4 people around the globe is suffering from this issue. Bad breath repulsive to other people along with its psychological affects disturbs the mental level of a person.

Before moving on to Yoga To Beat Bad Breath. Have a look at its harmful effects.

Bad Breath harmful effect in your life

Suffering from Halitosis can be irritating, mentally punishing and more embarrassing.  In below, there are some important points that clear how bad breath affects you.

  • Repel (Unattractiveness) to others

If you have an outstanding personality but your personality is gone up to smoke just because of your bad breath. People don’t want to talk to you and try to stay away from your unbearable bad breath. Many Studies shows Halitosis or bad breath is one of the topmost repel factor in a person.

  • Stress & Depression

Bad breath does not only affect your personality but it mentally disturbed you. According to research, about 55 to 58% of people feel depressed just because of their bad breath. People having bad breath are 58 to 60% suffer more stress than a people who are not facing the problem of bad breath.

  • Looking for shortcuts

Many sufferers looking for a shortcut like painful surgeries for bad breath. Around 60 to 71% of sufferers choose the way of surgeries to remove their bad breath. But somewhere down the line and truth is only 3% of surgery cases are successful.

  • Affects your interpersonal relationship

Many surveys (Workplace) proven that bad personal hygiene is the important, distressing and annoying trait in office workers (colleagues).how-to-beat-Bad-Breath

Causes of Bad Breath

Foul odor in the mouth has multiple causes. Bad oral hygiene generally adds to the unrevealed problem of bad breath. Here are some causes are given below:

  • Consumption of Tobacco

Chewing and smoking of tobacco make your gums more Smoking and chewing tobacco makes your gums more vulnerable to diseases which leads bad odor throughout the day.

  • Improper dental care

It is the most common & important reason for bad breath. So, don’t neglect your dental hygiene. Brush your teeth properly, flossing and gargling your mouth in a proper way with mouthwash (use natural based mouthwash). Add to this daily routine in every morning and also in the evening. After taking your meal brush and floss to wash your mouth properly. People having artificial teeth are the soft target of these bacteria. Improper care of mouth form plaque on your teeth. So, it’s necessary to clean your teeth and tongue properly.

  • Poor digestive system

Poor functioning of your stomach is one of the major causes of Halitosis. Indigestion results in rotting food particles in your intestine. This cause determines and permanent odor flow from your mouth. Few particles of food stuck in the gaps between your teeth. It leads to form bacteria which give you bad odor.

  • Medication

Medication is also the cause of Bad breath. Some medicines lower down the process of saliva production. This will release chemicals which is the cause of bad breath odor.

Other Health issues With Bad Breath

Your other health-related problems also a cause of your bad breath. Diseases of the throat, respiratory system, kidneys, sinus and other body organs directly affect your breath. Conditions like acidity, metabolic disorders, and lactose intolerance are also the cause of Halitosis.

What are the symptoms of severe bad breath?

If someone meets any of the following symptoms, then he/she may be suffering from severe bad breath. Here are the symptoms are given below:

  • Having bad breath throughout the day

Having bad breath all through a day is the most common factor or indicator of severe bad breath. When someone breathes is unbearable to others all through a day (even after mouth cleaning) then it indicates a person to find a proper solution for this issue.

  • Bad odor from the mouth

If you want to check your bad breath, the best way is to ask your friend or family members to smell your breath. There is another way, scrap the back end of your tongue with a plastic spoon and leaving the remainder for dry. If the dried spoon smells bed. It means you are suffering from bad breath

Yoga To Beat Bad Breath

Yogic activities do not only remove the symptoms it also cures the health issues that cause bad breath. Here are some handpicked Yoga poses & Pranayama which help you fight against the bad breath; by detoxifying and cleansing your whole body.

Yoga Poses To Beat Bad Breath

  • Simhasana (Lion Pose)

In Simhasana or Lion pose you have to make a roaring sound like the lion. This Pose triggers your alimentary canal and helps in to cure infections of the respiratory tract. Roaring sounds directly triggers your throat and throat related issues are run away. Throat related diseases are also the main cause of bad breath. So, create roaring sound and kick out your foul breath.

For steps and benefits click: Simhasana

  • Ardha Halasana (Half Plough Pose)

Ardha Halasana treats the problem of foul breathe very well. It cures the causes like disorders related to stomach. Ardha Halasana corrects the blood circulation and invigorates your abdominal organ. Improvement of digestion gives you refreshing breath.

steps & benefits click: Ardha Halasana

  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation Pose)

Surya Namaskar is famous and well known for its power packed performance. It’s the best way to start your day with this Pose. It detoxifies your body and gives complete body work out. If toxins are removed from your body, it’s obvious that you got a fresh breath with a healthy body.

Click here for steps: Surya Namaskar

  • Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend Pose)

The Seated Forward Bend Pose or Paschimottanasana is a complete relaxation pose to finish the yoga exercises and routines. By deeply relaxing all organs and expelling negative energy, it cures indigestion and respiratory and stress-related problems.

steps: Paschimottanasana

  • Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Matsyasana is a typically beautiful pose showing the structure of a fish. Breathing process plays an important role in Matsyasana or in All Asana. Fish pose gives benefit to your throat, digestive system. That helps detoxification of your body. And you rewarded with refreshing breath.

steps: Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Pranayama for bad mouth odor

  • Ujjayi (Ocean Sound Breath)

When the rushing sound is created by your throat it directly affects your throat. The sound which is produced in Ujjayi Pranayama is different from normal sound. It is best for throat related problems, sinus and cures your breathing related issue.

For steps: Ujjayi pranayama

  • Sheetali Pranayama (breath of Cooling)

Sheetali Pranayama reduces the heat and cools down your body. Along with it gives relieve in stress, depression, and anxiety. Sheetali Pranayama cleans up your stomach and promotes the better digestive system. It is the best breathing technique for people having a throat, tongue or mouth related problems (these are often bad breath).

for steps click: Sheetali Pranayama

  • Skull shining Breath (Kapalbhati)

Skull shining breath is the most effective as well as a powerful breathing technique. Best breathing exercise for your stomach because with every stroke it massages your intestinal organs. That helps and promotes good digestion and removes toxins through the ways of your nasal. Problems related to lungs, throat, and infection in the respiratory tract. Forget your bad breath and say thanks to Kapalbhati.

Click here for steps: Kapalbhati pranayama

With Asana & Pranayama also try some tips which remove your bad breath odor.

Tips for To Beat Bad Breath

  • Dental hygiene is the most important part; so, don’t be feeling lazy to clean your mouth properly. After meal brushes your teeth, it removes food particles that stuck in your teeth.
  • Drink enough amount of water, which your body demands (not more or less).
  • Take some Fennel/Anise (सौंफ) in your mouth after the meal. It removes your mouth foul breath and good for digestion.
  • You can also take one or two pieces of cardamom (इलायची) just after your meal. Fennel and Cardamom is most common but effective method to remove bad breath.
  • Tulsi is known for its antibacterial as well as an antioxidant factor but it refreshes your breath also. Drink Tulsi tea or chew 2 or 3 leaves of Tulsi every day. We are sure it kicks out your bad breath issue permanently.
  • You may also use the leaves of field mint (पुदीना) for best and long lasting effect.

We hope after knowing these Effective Yoga To Beat Bad Breath with tips. You’ll confidently talk to others with refreshing and smell free breath.

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