Yoga Asanas which can Relieve you from Cough and Cold

Cold and cough make us soo drained out and exhausted. It is worse to happen. Cough and cold literally block out our efficiency and leaves the body full of lethargy. Headache, blocked nose, cough, lethargy, sickness, and whatnot. It’s a painful thing to battle with it. Probably the last thing anybody would want to have is cold and cough. Medicines are there in the market but most of the people avoid having the pills. There are yoga poses that can make you relax and gives relief during the infection. Although cold and flu takes a good time to go but still, these yoga asanas can relieve you and give you comfort from cough and cold.

Yoga helps in balancing the chakras which boost the immunity greatly. This efficiently balances body functions. Simple yoga asanas can help a lot during cold and cough or flu. Remember that heavy workout should be avoided during the flu, try yoga stretching which is great during this time.

Yoga Asanas which can Relieve you from Cough and Cold

In this article of Sarvyoga, we will tell you about the simple asanas that should be performed, and that will take you back to normal and fit.

Stretch Out your Neck

During the cough, the chest is mostly suffered. At this time, one needs to stretch the neck and chest, this is too beneficial. Stretch your neck, this can help if you are looking for some relief. It reduces a lot of strain and pressure around the chest and neck and reduces the symptoms and infection-related to the sinus.

This is How You Do It

Sit down in a comfortable manner. You may sit on a stool, chair or on the floor. Make sure to keep your back straight. Both your feet should be crossed on the top of each other.

Slightly tilt your head in one side-direction, if you want you may place your hand behind your neck for support, now stretch, do not pressurize. Shoulders should be at ease and slowly come back to the original position. Repeat the same both the sides. You should do it for 4-5 times.


This is also known as child pose. It relieves stress and you feel extremely relaxed by stretching, mostly when you are feeling sick or having a headache in cough. If you perform this asana regularly, you will get rid of congestion, or if suffering from a heavy cold. You can do Balasana (Child Pose) at anyplace and anytime.

This is How You Do It

Kneel down, join your toes, but keep apart both the knees a bit. While you breathe out lower down your torso, make sure your head and thighs touch the ground. Put the hands on thighs and stay in the pose for one or two minutes while breathing softly.


This asana is also called standing forward bend. This is basically an inversion. This magically improves blood flow of your body. Once you start practicing Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend Pose), you’ll find it is helpful in relieving from cold, congestion, protects sinus etc.

This is How You Do It

Stand straight, stretch the feet and stretch apart feet and hip. Fold yourself and bend your knees a bit, you’ll find your hips at ease. Remember, do not pressurize yourself. You may put your hands on the floor. If you aren’t a pro in performing this asana, you may place your hands on the thighs. You may hold this posture for 20-30 counting.

Spinal Twist

This stretch can really detoxify. If you practice this asana regularly. You are sure to feel rejuvenated from inside. It pulls out all the toxins which are inside the chest and that leads to coughing and regular irritation. This asana also makes your digestion better.

This is How You Do It

Sit in a spinal twist posture and inhale, while breathing in straighten your spine and stretch. Breathe out gently, and extend your neck to the right side, hold for 7-8 counts, and then repeat on the other side.

Sarvyoga Takeaway

Coughing and cold can be really irritating. Once you catch it, it takes its own good time to go. Meanwhile, medicines can be useful, but practicing these asanas can be a miracle. You must practice these on a regular basis as well. However, if suffering from a worse flu, then it’s better to consult your doctor before doing any kind of stretching.

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