Vital Organ Health Tips

Your vital organs need better care than you think! Here are some clinically proven vital organ health tips you shouldn’t ignore.

The human body broadly contains 78 organs, out of which 5 serve as the vital organs. These organs participate in the most important life processes. Any harm to these organs can result in catastrophic results. Due to declining air quality, and unhealthy eating habit, the vital organs face serious threats.Vital-Organ-Health-Tips-with-yoga

In order to sustain keep the vital organs healthy, we have some vital organ health tips for you. Following these tips will make sure that the internal wellbeing of your body is maintained.


The heart requires special attention because it is one organ that never rests. Especially, when you cross the 40-year mark in your life, your heart will need extra attention.

General tips for maintaining heart health

20-40 minutes of physical exertion in order to keep the flow of blood balanced in the body.

Keep the intake of harmful substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs minimum.

Get your heart health checked every 6 months. The blood quality and lipid contents are important to maintain. This will help you keep the chances of the cardiovascular disease under control.

Choose food that doesn’t contain oily substances in it. People with heart symptoms need to eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.


The brain is the control center of your body. Although it’s the most important organ of the body, it’s upkeep is the most ignored. Here are some practical vital organ health tips for your brain.

Sleep sufficiently. The brain requires 6-8 hours of daily sleep but the actual requirement varies from person to person. Loss of sleep can cause negative effects on the brain. A study of sleep-deprived people shows a direct correlation with Alzheimer’s Disease.

If you are under stress due to multiple reasons, yoga and meditation can help a lot. Yoga helps in relaxing the mind and improving its internal functioning. Daily yoga or meditation sessions can impart better health to your brain.

Maintain a healthy social life. The health of the brain, in a number of ways, depends on mental peace. Human beings are social animals and can’t survive without active social contact. Which is why participating in social activities and interacting with friends is given importance.


Kidneys facilitate the recycling of water in the body. They serve the purpose of filtering out toxins from the fluids in the body and dispose of them safely. You can’t live without at least one functioning kidney. Here are some vital organ health tips for your kidneys.

Drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Keeping your body hydrated will help in maintaining proper kidney health.

Higher blood pressure levels and diabetic symptoms can indicate bad kidney health. If you notice such conditions, preventive steps must be taken.

Be careful with the medication you take. Some medicines may lead to renal pathology, and create problems for your kidneys.

High Sodium diet is also toxic for the kidneys and people with high blood pressure issues need to avoid it.


Lungs are the most integral part of the respiratory system and damaged lungs can lead to instant death. The pollution levels in the environment are rising each day. It’s intrinsically important to take care of your lungs to avoid respiratory diseases. Here are some organ health tips for the lungs.

Improve the respiratory capacity of your lungs with regular physical exercise. Athletes achieve a higher breathing capacity due to regular training. This is essential to lung health.

Intake of pollutants from the air can be disastrous for the lungs. If you’re living in an area with dangerous levels of air toxicity, use respiratory masks.

Avoid the consumption of drugs and cigarettes that directly affect the lungs. They can lead to lung cancer and pulmonary diseases.


The liver controls the metabolic processes in the body. It is responsible for secreting digestive juices that help in digestion of food. It’s also the largest internal organ of the body, and needs strict attention.

Here are a few vital organ health tips for the liver.

A balanced diet is instrumental in maintaining a healthy liver. Make sure you include all kinds of nutrients to the diet.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks is dangerous to the liver. Try to not cross the line when it comes to these drinks.

The liver can be sensitive to certain medication. Always consult your doctor before tending to liver illnesses.


Out of all the organs that your body has, certain organs play a bigger role in keeping you alive. These are called vital organs. Keeping these organs healthy is inevitable. The above mentioned vital organ health tips will help you keep your vital organs in check.

Doing Yoga, eating a balanced diet and daily exercises go a long way in maintaining the health of vital organs.

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