The magical power of Om/Aum, a mesmerizing chant

Such an easy and peaceful voice comes chanting Om, or Aum. The simple it is, the complex it means. The entire cosmos stays in this word. It displays the soul, the mind, the body, the consciousness, and whatnot. It is the origin and the center of yoga, and meditation. Aum/Om has a magical power that truly mesmerizes.

The Magical Power of Om/Aum

Understanding the magical power of Om/Aum

Om/Aum is a magical ancient mantra and has magical power. No one knows from where it originated, who created, etc. It is said to be the soul and voice of the universe. Om or Aum is chanted by mainly the Hindu and Budha religion. It is also chanted during the meditation sessions and during practicing Yoga as well. The pronunciation varies from Om, Aum, i.e it is pronounced through A+U+O+M.   

The Powerful Mantra

Hindus believe that the whole universe stays inside the sound of Aum. Aum/Om has a magical power. The cosmos stays within. Since the universe has started the sound of Aum has stayed, and it will stay until the cosmos prevails. It reflects the past, present and the future. The chant of this mantra encompasses positive vibe, purity and and power.  

Other mantras are based on Aum/Om. Any other mantra is based on its syllable. It is deeply associated with chakras mainly ajna, which also is the mark of self-awareness, knowledge, and also known as the third chakra.

The Yogic Relevance

When you do yoga session, you chant Aum at the starting of the session. The instructors focus on the Aum chant while making you sit in ease on your yoga mat, and enabling you to be stress-free and relaxed. Again the chant is repeated at the end of the yoga session when the practice is ended and to make the body relaxed after all the twisting and turning of the body. It also denotes the action of calling back the body and soul to the normal world after the deep yogic practice is finished for the day.

Pronunciation Matters

Not only Om/Aum has a magical power, there mere pronunciation of it brings magic. The pronunciation totally depends upon the person chanting and the mood & reason to chant. Sometimes Aum is sung with stretching the ‘a’ sound. Then there are times when emphasizes is on ‘u’. Focus on ‘m’ also occurs depending upon the demand of the situation. It can be pronounced as ‘Aaaaum’, or ‘auuuum’, also ‘aummmm’.

The Scientific Part of Aum

You should also understand the scientific part of Aum or Om. When you make the sound of this mantra, the voice and the buzz reaches out to your brain and make the vibrations. The vibrations make a huge positive impact. A study happened in the year 2011 and 2018 where scientists found the vibrations actually impacting the brain positively. They took a functional MRI scan as they sang Aum simultaneously. They mentioned in their research that the chant is relaxing for the brain and beneficial for the nerves of the brain. It helps in coping up with the problems like blood pressure, stress, heart issues, boosting immunity and metabolism, and more.

Scientists say

Researchers also observed brain activity during the Aum chant that was affecting brain nerver positively which is useful in treating illness like depression, stress, anxiety. People with extreme mental stress have recovered from the Aum chant treatment along with the medical and scientific support.

Symbolic Importance

Aum has a spiritual as well as scientific importance. When it comes to spirituality, the Aum symbol has beautiful importance of its own. Extremely auspicious on holy occasions. Also used during Yoga and Meditation. It can be seen scribbled on the yoga mats, on the wall for meditation, inside the temples, or any religious or non-religious place. It is now becoming popular as a tattoo on the arms or those who believe in the magic of Aum/Om. Yogis consider Aum as a special work which holds a special place.   

Yoga Displays Consciousness that Includes

  • Unconscious mind
  • Dreamy mind
  • Wakefulness
  • Blissfulness is commonly known as Samadhi.

Sarvyoga Takeaway

Aum/Om has a magical power undoubtedly. The word has an auspicious place in Hinduism, Buddhism, Yogis, Yoga practitioners, meditation practitioners, and all those who believe in the power of this magical work. Although it is not restricted to any religion, still it is assumed to be religion-centric. Chanting Aum on a regular basis can bring wonders to your world. It actually can create a totally different world of yours.

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