Supta Padangusthasana {Reclined Hand to Big Toe Pose}-Steps And Benefits

Level of Asana: – Basicsupta-padangusthasana-reclined-hand-to-big-toe-pose-steps
Style of Asana: –
Iyengar Yoga
Preparatory Poses: – Baddha Konasana, Uttanasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana
Follow-Up Poses: – Seated forward bends and Standing Poses
Also Known As: – Reclined Hand to Big Toe Pose

Supta is a Sanskrit word which means Reclining, Pada stands for foot, Angustha represents the Big toe of foot and the meaning of Asana is pose.

This pose gives you a deep stretch along with it opens up your legs completely. It is additionally said to enhance both your general physical and psychological wellness. Many individuals wind up honing this asana as extend without knowing the name of the pose; however this posture has a ton to offer.

Steps of Supta Padangusthasana

  • supta-padangusthasana-reclined-hand-to-big-toe-poseRests on your back with your legs extended and flexed your feet. Now press your feet by your heels.
  • Breathe out and pull your right knee towards your mid- section (chest), and circle a strap around the curve or ache of your right foot. On the off chance that you are a prepared yoga expert, utilize two fingers and snare them onto the enormous toe
  • After that, raise your right leg up to the roof or ceiling and keep your leg straight in a way that your arms are parallel to each other, and press your shoulders towards are the floor.
  • Continue pushing and stretching your left leg, pushing the highest point of your left thigh down with the left hand. The augmentation of the right leg must make an agreeable extend in the back of the leg.
  • You may hold the posture here or turn your right leg out, keeping that leg down on your right side. Yet, in the event that you do this, you should guarantee your left hip is grounded on the floor.
  • Remain in the pose about 30 to 60 seconds or as much as you can.
  • Repeat the same process with your left leg.

Benefits of Supta Padangusthasana

  • It stretches thighs, hips, hamstrings, calves and groin.
  • Supta Padangusthasana Makes your knees stronger.
  • Stimulates the prostate gland.
  • Vitalize your digestive organs along with improves digestion.
  • Gives relief in backache, sciatica and menstrual related discomfort.
  • Supta Padangusthasana Cures infertility, flat feet.

Tip Beginner’s

As an apprentice, you should attempt this pose with the heel of the leg pressed against a divider or a wall. In any case, if your body is still too firm, you can put a piece under the hip of the raised leg (the support under the thigh relaxes the internal crotch), and after that, when you bring your leg as an afterthought, you can lay it on the block.

Pose Variations

On the off chance that you can utilize your fingers rather than a strap to hold your toes and do the asana, it is the propelled adaptation of this stance. This accompanies exceptional practice and steadiness.


Abstain from doing this asana on the off chance that you have a migraine or the runs (diarrhea). On the off chance that you have circulatory strain, raise your head and neck utilizing a collapsed blanket, and after that attempt the pose.

Keep Practicing, Practice makes a man perfect.

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