Prenatal Yoga: Pregnancy Exercise

Prenatal Yoga ExercisePrenatal yoga is the systematic and scientific way to become healthy in pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very precious and important event in a women’s life. The concept of restricting the number of children is critical to any parent to nurture a sound spirit. Today one can plan to become pregnant when needed and take good care to have a normal child.

It is true that the development of the child is touched by several maternal as well as fetal factors. Hypertension, diabetes, malnutrition, chronic renal disease, etc. can cause harmful effects on the fetus. Similarly chromosomal anomalies in the embryo, and infections in the mother can cause several birth defects. These are prone to several complications in the new born during the pregnancy period and even later in childhood.

Prenatal yoga is not only about giving birth to a child:

A child brings magnificent changes in the household. With every birth of a child the chances of betterment in society increases because each child brings new ideas and thoughts which can bring remarkable changes in the society. Each child has the capacity to transform the society and thus becoming a parent is acknowledging higher state of responsibility towards society. Prenatal yoga must be taken care that a child is brought up properly. It’s a responsibility of society that a child is getting nourished properly.

If you are about to give birth to a child, then you have got an essential responsibility on you. You are trying to make this society better by giving birth to the child. So it is very important that the mother and child should well take care of from the very starting day of pregnancy. As only a healthy child and healthy mother can make a sound guild.

Why prenatal yoga?

It is very important to include yoga in daily routine for a woman during pregnancy. It is even better if the whole family adopts yoga as a lifestyle because yoga practice keeps surrounding emotional environment. Which is very essential for the expecting mother. The very first requirement for an upcoming child is a healthy emotional environment where it can explore itself completely. Children should get a proper environment where they can explore themselves and can nourish their ideas. This is possible only when the life of expecting mother is living a smooth and peaceful life. Yoga is the only science which can accomplish these demands.

It is now a well-known fact that stress causes psycho-neuro-immunological changes in the body, leading to pregnancy complications, it can lead to irregular, in-co-ordinated uterine contractions causing distress ending in operative surgery. Hypersensitivity of the mother leads to intolerance to pain, requiring heavy dosage of pain killers which are not safe for the unborn. These complications can be avoided through yoga.

Yoga therapy is gaining ground as an efficient instrument in many physical and psychological disorders; the changes that take place in the human system at all levels by the practice of yoga and holistic living have been investigated by many scientists over the past several decades, and enough proof is available of the beneficial effects of yoga on the mind and body of the human beings.

As far as health is concerned yoga is that systematic science which makes a person to become healthy if suffering from any deformity and helps to remain healthy without any health issues. Yoga is not only to heal disease, in fact, that is secondary for yoga. Primarily yoga sustains your health. It will not allow you to become sick if practiced regularly. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ you know….

Now let see what the benefits women are going to get by adopting prenatal yoga. Some of the positives of adopting prenatal yoga are discussed here. Researches indicate that prenatal yoga is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant ladies and their babies. The prenatal yoga can:

  • Prenatal yoga improve sleep
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.
  • Decrease the risk of preterm labour.
  • Decrease pregnancy-induced hypertension and intrauterine growth restriction – a condition that slows a baby’s growth.

Prenatal yoga also helps you to prepare for labour and promote baby’s health. Another advantage of prenatal yoga practice, if practiced in group, it helps you to meet other pregnant women and provides an environment to share the experiences to each other.

How prenatal yoga is helpful ?

Yoga is a complete philosophy of life. It avails you to see life in a fuller manner. Which will make you understand the eternal truth of life so that you become able to tackle with all the situations you face off. Yoga is confined to asanas and pranayamas. Yoga is about acquiring command over mind. Practicing yoga implies that you are practicing the art of having control over mind. Having control over mind is important because it is the root cause for all the problems in life.

Prenatal yoga practice is not intended to make you practice some postures and breathing exercises rather it intends to keep you stable, calm, patient and peaceful so that the life inside womb get proper nourishment. First we will look at what are the practices which can be practiced during pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga Postures:

  • Loosening series from toes to head
  • Butterfly pose
  • Chakki chalanasana

The above postures must be practiced in the first trimester only. Rest of the practices can be continued but if any difficulty or uneasiness is felt while practice then consult a good yoga teacher, trainer or therapist.

Prenatal Yoga Pranayamas:

Prenatal Yoga Meditation:

  • Trataka
  • Om chanting
  • Yog nidra
  • Practicing silence

Apart from these practices I personally advise to read and try to understand yogic philosophy of life. It is very essential for the proper understanding of life. It develops a sense of stability in mind and helps to stay calm in mood-swings during pregnancy.

Adopt prenatal yoga. Live a yogic life and give birth to a brave and healthy child who can contribute for the welfare of mankind.

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