Nomophobia (Smart Phone Addiction)

In this article, we are talking about a serious and raising problem Nomophobia. Today’s world is full of technology and we are live in the technical world. Technology makes our life quite simple as well as easy. Now a day’s information is at your fingertips; just type and search and get the solution for the particular issue. We use the high-speed internet in our tab/smartphones for surfing the net. But every coin has two faces, same here if the technology is a blessing for us but also a curse.

Have you ever think that we are becoming slaves of gadgets and we are totally lost on it and depend on this. If you got stuck in a question; then you go through Google/ Bing or other search engines. This habit makes us dumb day by day. We can’t say these things are negative but the addiction of the smartphone is totally false.

People of all age group use the smartphone; expensive smartphones is also a status symbol. You noticed many people in the railway station, bus terminals; on the road gazing their phone screens and this cause accident. People slept with their phone; after waking up there first work is just to check the notifications from social networking sites. They don’t know that this is the symptoms of the serious problem.

Guys this problem is getting very serious; especially in college going and school going students.

First of all, you have to understand what is Nomophobia?


This word is arising from the British urban dictionary in the year of 2010 and British experts used this word first. This term is an abbreviation for “No – mobile-phone Phobia. A team of British experts testing a group of subjects that experienced stress/anxiety at the bare thought of losing their phone, or facing a weak signal or being kept away (for any reason) from their cell phone. After the testing, they got some shocking results; that 60% of them are phone addicted. From here the Nomophobia is born and the level of percentage increases now a day’s.

In simple words, addicted people can’t live without their phones even a single minute.  an individual experienced anxiety, frustration or stress when their phone is being kept away or battery getting down and phone switch off or any reason by which individuals are not supposed to use their phone. It is an abnormal as well as irrational fear of being without one’s cell phone or of being incapable to communicate using ones mobile.

You can say that Nomophobia is a mental illness caused by technology. In which, if smartphones/tablets or other mobile device are taken away from individual/ones they are uncomfortable and they fell stress or anxiety.

The Same thing is applied, if someone is addicted to playing games on Ps3/Ps4, Xbox or in smartphone/ tablet. In this, the individual is suffering from technophobia.

According to research, the condition of America is getting worse.

  • In America 65 to 70% or about two in three people, sleep with their smartphone.
  • 35 to 40% accepted that they attend their phone call even in the condition of intimacy with a partner.
  • Half of them never switched off their lovable cell phone.
  • More than half never switch off their phone (addiction).
  • In adults, about 66 to 70 % are suffering from this problem (Nomophobia).

People of other countries facing the same problem, we have the research data of America so we mentioned data of America.

In India, smartphone users increasing day by day and slowly – slowly this problem is also affected the Indians also, but they are totally unaware of this problem.

Symptoms of Nomophobia (fear being without a mobile device)

Like all other phobias, Nomophobia causes various physical and mental systems by which you can easily recognize the problem which is given below:

  • In Nomophobia, individual heart rate is raised, breathing problem and their palms are sweaty.
  • Most addicted people are very protective for their phones and they spend big amount for phone protection.
  • Phobic people also keep checking their mobile device every minute for battery life, notifications, emails or messages.
  • Many of them keep multiple phones, they never disconnect or unplug (phone). They worked even their phone is charging.
  • Phobic will ensure to charging the battery of their phone coz they never want live without a phone.
  • When someone tries to separate from their phone for long durations, they got full panic attack and lots of stress, anger, anxiety or frustration.
  • Addicted people don’t hesitate to use their phone even in toilet/public toilets.
  • Their relationships get affected by the usage of their phone.
  • Many of them like a lonely life or facing issues in their relationships or dating.
  • Many sufferers realize that they are suffering from irrational fear but they are not able to control this condition; this leads health and mental problem.
  • Memory power gets affected and individual slowly – slowly lost his/her confidence level.
  • Finding the answer in Google or other browsers all the time is also the important symptom.

It’s a wake up call for everybody realize this otherwise it’s too late.

How to overcome this problem or phobia?

Getting over from this problem can be challenging and while medical intervention is not succeeded always. Taking medicine for this problem is not a great way to dealing with this problem because medicines have their side effects and you have to take the medicine lifelong. But in serious cases of this phobia anxiety medication may be required.

 There are many alternative ways; these are helpful in dealing this problem some of them is given below: –

  • Systematic desensitization.
  • Gradual exposure therapy.

Apart from these therapies,

  • Listening to soothing music.
  • Attend support group therapy sessions.
  • Try to overcome this problem at own level by developing or practicing self-help coping techniques like yoga, aerobics or any other exercises.
  • Try to take a part in any sport; sport will help to busy your mind.
  • Make a habit of reading books.
  • Social conversation is helpful (means face to face conversation with other people of society).
  • In the office, take your lunch with your office friends but keep your mobile phone away. Don’t take your lunch at your working table.
  • Don’t take your meal alone in your home; take your meal with other family members.
  • Make a fixed time in which you can check your notifications, emails or chatting with someone. Turn off your data after this.

If you have same symptoms then wake up and start to overcome this problem; otherwise, it’s too late for you.

Yoga can cure this problem without any cost but you have to believe in it. Yoga effects mentally, physically and spiritually. Asana, Meditation, Pranayama are best for anxiety and stress Yog Nidra is also helpful. So friends for once try yogic activities in your life and feel the change in you. Yoga rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul and kicks out stress or anxiety. In yoga, there are many methods to overcome this irrational fear. We mentioned Pranayama and Asana which are beneficial in anxiety so you can go through our Pranayama & Asana section.

Don’t become a gadget slave; guys live in the real-world virtual world is not a real world remember this. Now a day’s most of the people are get depress when their profile pic in social networking site not getting too many likes and his/ her friend gets more likes than their picture.

It is an inferiority complex so please don’t be panic; it’s not important that how much likes you get in social networking sites; but how many people likes or loves you in your real life that’s the matter. Guys’ virtual world is not a real world.


For any mistakes we apologize before performing any yogic activities please concern an expert and doctor also. The contents of this website are only for educational purpose. Try yoga at least for once then see the magic. Our article goes very lengthy and we don’t want bore you so may God bless you.

                       (You have only one chance it’s all up to you, make it or destroy it).

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