Reasons For Lower Abdominal Pain In Females

lower abdominal pain in females

Lower abdominal pain in females is an epidemic issue that can take place due to a wide variety of health conditions. Read about the top reasons for the pain, and how the symptoms look like.

Intermittent abdomen pains are normal. In case you’re experiencing perpetual lower abdomen pain, it could signal an underlying illness. How to tell? We will look at the symptoms accompanying lower abdomen pain and the kind of illnesses they could bring about.

Such pains can be bad for your physical well-being. You need to take preemptive action in case you’re suffering from chronic pain. We advise you to consult a doctor if your symptoms match the severity of the pain.

Lower Abdominal Pain in Females Accompanying Symptoms

Reasons-For-Lower-Abdominal-Pain-in-Females-and-yogic-solutionLower abdominal pain can accompany a horde of other symptoms. These symptoms reflect differently upon the pain and can help in isolation of the root cause. Here are some common symptoms faced by females.

  • Chest Pain or a feeling of pressure in the chest area
  • Pain which leads to fever
  • Inflammation in the abdomen
  • Vomiting
  • Blood while excreting
  • Yellowing of the skin

All of these symptoms can be signs of serious illnesses such as Jaundice, Hernia and more, that need immediate attention. In case you can relate to the above symptoms, rush to a doctor at the earliest.

Lower Abdominal Pain in Females – Reasons

Now that we’re aware of some of the symptoms, let’s look at some probable reasons. It is important to understand that these reasons in order to take corrective actions. The following reasons apply strictly to females.

Cramps due to Menstruation

This is one of the obvious reasons which still needs mentioning. You are bound to experience the pain before the onset of periods or after they’re over. The cramps take place due to contraction of the uterus. Mostly, this kind of lower abdomen pain won’t stay for a long time. But if it stays, you should definitely consult a doctor. It could be due to an underlying illness.

Cyst in the Ovaries

Ovarian cysts are naturally occurring fluid packets in the ovaries. In most cases, they don’t cause any harm to the body. In specific cases, if the cyst breaks inside the ovary, it can trigger acute pain in the abdomen. You will feel a heavy sensation in the abdomen which can be accompanied by fever.

In case you feel drained of energy in your body or fall short of breath, the case can be serious. Extreme cases of ovarian cyst can only be treated by a qualified practitioner. Hence, don’t avoid the doctor’s visit.

Adnexal Torsion

Adnexal torsion refers to tension in the ovaries. It can also be a consequence of the contraction or misplacement of the fallopian tube. It results in heavy discomfort and chronic lower abdominal pain in females. Sometimes, the condition is linked to irregular periods as well.

Severe symptoms of the condition are the loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. It’s hard to isolate this specific condition as it has similar symptoms. In case you feel any of the above, consult your health specialist quickly.

Kidney Stones

It’s one of the most common reasons for lower abdominal pain in females. But mostly, they go unnoticed. Kidney stones can have multiple symptoms but in most cases, it starts from abdomen pain. If you’re experiencing bad digestive health alongside abdomen pain, it can signal kidney stones.

Typical symptoms include swelling in the abdomen, and ache when you bend down. Kidney stones are easy to treat if they’re caught in the early stages. If the condition worsens, surgery can’t be avoided.

Lower Abdominal Pain in Females – Treatment

As lower abdomen pain in females is a widespread issue, we recommend clinical treatment. There are a lot of home remedies available for such kinds of pains, but effects can vary. If you’re experiencing symptoms written in this article, you must take the guidance of your doctor.

Most of the symptoms reflect upon a serious underlying illness that needs attention. Hence, we suggest that you get your case checked from a professional. It is possible that you might not have any of the listed illnesses, but it’ll be best to get proper advice. and you can also try try CBD gummies


Lower abdominal pain in females can mean a lot of things. The root cause of the pain varies from person to person and reflects on their specific condition. The reasons are related to the severity of pain and the symptoms accompanied by it. The condition can be as simple as menstrual pain and as complex as Kidney stones.

Don’t take the pain lightly in case it persists. Chronic Lower abdominal pain in females is hard to treat and requires the attention of a health professional. So, go consult a doctor as soon as possible if you feel the pain is a little unusual.

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  1. This looks like a solid differential to me for the most common causes of lower abdominal pain in females. Of course, there are others. And while it’s great for patients to know about these conditions and while unexplained abdominal pain should never be ignored, it’s also all too easy for people to conflate everyday symptoms with real emergencies.

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