How To Do Yoga At Home In Times of Covid-19 Lockdown

In times like these, when COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is spreading rapidly, people are sitting at their homes with everything locked down. Yoga, however, is still available to everyone. Yoga is a type of exercise that helps in the physical and mental well being of a person. The best part about yoga is that it can be practiced at home. See how to do Yoga at home and keep your health monitored.  

There is no need to go to an expensive gym or training sessions to practice yoga. All you need is some time and a suitable place of your choice (obviously home is the most comfortable place). So, if you want to remain fit despite this deadly pandemic, you should keep on practicing yoga as it heals your body from within.

How to do Yoga at home?

This article will enlighten all the steps you should follow on how to do Yoga at home.

Do Some Yoga Research

If you have attended yoga classes in the past, then you can skip this step.

You should first conduct online research before beginning to practice yoga at home. There are a lot of useful resources available that help beginners to know about what yoga actually does to your body. You can research many topics such as various asanas and how to sequence them all together.

Don’t forget to practice yoga according to your health. If you have any medical issue, conduct research on that first.

Choose a Convenient Time

Ideally, the morning is considered to be the best time to practice yoga as it is the time when a person is fresh and has a high level of energy. But some people find it difficult to wake up in the morning. But that is not a problem. You can practice yoga at any time. Practicing yoga in the evening has its own benefits. It refreshes the mind and relieves it from the stress acquired during the whole day. 

One important point to be kept in mind while practicing yoga is that you should always have an empty stomach while practicing it. So, choose the time accordingly.

yoga at home

Deciding a place

Now, you should decide a place in your home which would be comfortable for you to practice yoga. You should prefer to have a separate room for yoga sessions. After some time, the room will be full of positive energy. Be sure to choose a quiet and clean place with proper ventilation and where there is enough room to roll out a yoga mat.

Deciding The Clothing

Your yoga wear should be very simple and comfortable. It should not be tight like the ones you wear at gyms. Also, it should be taken care of to remove all jewelry while practicing yoga.

Cleaning The Area

Clean the area before starting. You should properly sanitize the whole area including the yoga mat and the floor to avoid any type of infection especially in times of pandemic such as COVID-19.

Be Gentle And Consistent

It is your body, so try to be as gentle as you can. Our body takes time to adapt to anything and gain strength. Hence start with simple and easy poses. Starting off with difficult asanas may cause you to hurt your body.

Be consistent with your yoga practice. Make it a part of your daily routine. Practicing yoga poses and breathing exercises for at least 20 minutes is enough to gain the benefits.

Final Words – How to do Yoga at home?

Yoga has countless benefits on your health physically and emotionally. By practicing yoga regularly, you can gain the most out of it. Yoga is not about the poses and meditation but about all the efforts and regularity. Even 20 minutes of yoga can give you more benefits than a 2-hour session of effortless yoga. This simple guide on how to do Yoga at home will help you navigate the quarantine. People who are used to yoga centers and group sessions can benefit from it the most.

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