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yoga-health-tipsHealthy lifestyle is very important for every person. Most of diseases caused due to the improper lifestyle. In this we provided some useful Healthy Lifestyle Tips Online regarding healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle means time period between rising to sleep, in simple words it is the daily routine or the way of your living daily life (Dinchariya in Hindi). If you implement these small useful Health Tips for Healthy Lifestyle in your daily life or routine after that you will realize the change in yourself.

Health Tips for Healthy Lifestyle step by step


If you really want systematic and healthier lifestyle, then you have to follow old is gold formula as Health Tips for Healthy Lifestyle, that is early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise. This sounds like a necessary children rhymes but is effective and many people obey these simple lines. A healthy person must go to sleep early to change their inner battery and get up early in the morning before sun rise. The time period of before sunrise is considered as peacefull and the surrounding air is full of freshness and happiness. So you have to wake up early in the morning for healthy life.

If you feel some dullness in get up early in the morning, for this you have to wash your face immediately with cool water it relieves early morning dullness.

Drink Water on an empty stomach

After wake up or rising the second step you have to do is; drink one to five glasses of water on empty stomach. Before going to sleep keep water in a copper container at night. In the next morning drink this water. For constipation take Luke warm water with 2gm of trifala churn. Taking water early in the morning after rising helps in smooth and regular elimination of urine and stool in the morning. To help this process we have to do certain exercises after drinking the water, which is important for removal of toxins from the body and protection from ailments.


Gargling with water in the morning helps to remove cough accumulated in your throat and mouth. (you can also use Luke warm water for better result).

Washing face

After drinking water and natural call, first wash your hands and then wash your eyes, nose, mouth and face. In winter use Luke warm water.

Yog (Asana, Pranayam and meditation)

The best Health Tips for Healthy Lifestyle is yoga. Perform yogic exercises for 60 to 90 minutes maximum, if you haven’t ample time then do at least 30 minutes. Do yoga asana and pranayama as per your ability but meditation is must.

Oil Massage for the head

Your head should be oiled weekly with coconut oil, sesame oil or almond oil. Oiling prevents hair fall, graying, balding, headache and drying of scalp.

Body Massage (Oil)

Massage your body every morning before taking shower, it helps to reduce tiredness and increases flexibility in body. You can use almond or coconut oils for body massage but mustard oil is best for this.

Karnapurna (Putting oil in the Ears)

Put two to three drops of oil (Mustard or almond oil) weekly in your ears. Oiling prevents ailments like deafness, defective hearing, and other general ear problems. In a healthy ear, oil should be retained for 5 minutes. In case of earache, oil should be retained in your ear till pain is relieved. During this press the base of your ear to prevent the oil from flowing out.

Nasyakriya (Putting oil in the nose)

Nose is considered as the entrance to the head. A drop of mustard or almond oil put in each nostril. When medicinal preparations poured into the nostrils can reach every nook and cranny of the head. Do this once or twice in a week.


After body massage take shower daily, it is essential for cleaning and refreshing the body. Bathing rejuvenates the body and helps to prolong life. Daily bathing washes off the toxins which come out from skin pores or cells. Use herbal soap for bathing.


Follow Yogic Diet, If you change your diet you would live longer, looks younger and stay healthy.  Add vegetables, fruits, sprouted pulses (that have an equal quantity of positive and negative sun energy stored in them) to your diet. They can easily digested and give the maximum energy to your body.


In the morning take breakfast in large portion (Take breakfast like a king). Don’t miss your breakfast. (Milkshakes, eggs, green vegetables, sprouted pulses or gram, fruits, chapatti and dry fruits e.t.c.)


In afternoon take your lunch around 12 to 1 PM. Take medium portion of meal in lunch. (Like small amount of rice with pulses, salads one or two chapatti, one fruit and small amount of vegetables e.t.c).


Take dinner same like beggar means small portion.

  • Chew your food well to aid proper digestion, during eating be calm and relaxed.
  • Keep a gap of three and half hour between dinner and sleep. After dinner sit in Vajrasana for five minutes or go to walking.
  • Don’t drink water after taking meal for two hours, drink two or three sips of water between eating.
  • If you satisfied with your meal then don’t allow yourself to become over full.
  • Don’t take your meal in standing position, sit down properly and take your meal, avoid distractions like Television or talking during meal, concentrate on your food. Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables daily. Take fruit juice in regular interval or during breakfast and lunch. Try to eat enough amounts of green salads.
  • Eat according to hunger but fill only 3/4the of your stomach. Take some amount of Fennel after your meal. Fennel reduces blood cholesterol, aids digestion, bad breath. Fennel is diuretic and has a calming and toning effect on the stomach. Take one teaspoonful honey daily.
  • Eat ample amount of fiber, fiber are two types (1). Soluble (2). Insoluble. Don’t take salt more than 6gm a day. Add one tea spoon of linseed to your daily diet. Try to eat balanced food.
  • Eat organic food; give up fast food or factories made ready to eat food.
  • If you have time then try to do some yogic exercise in evening. And make a daily habbit of early to bed and early to rise.

Please try these simple and effective Health Tips for Healthy Lifestyle in your life, it’s free of cost. Give up bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol. Life is precious and you have only one chance to live. So it’s depend on you to choose systematic lifestyle or messy lifestyle.

“Good health is humanity’s birth right” – Swami Ramdev ji.

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