Effective Tips for Meditation Beginners

The most beautiful and amazing habit anyone can inculcate is meditation. Once you start loving it, you won’t be able to leave it. It helps you to align all your other habits. Helps you to stay calm, peaceful, focused, happy, without worry, and stress. It also helps to attain attentiveness towards life. Life seems to be sorted and worry-free. It helps to understand your own self, your own mind, your soul, and everything consciously and subconsciously. For some meditation practitioners, they somehow develop an intuition, which gives them direction or shall we say…sixth sense! There are many effective tips for meditation beginners.

No, it’s not any rocket science that needs deep study and research. You can start with simple steps and with basic knowledge. At first, you’ll definitely be tired, or maybe bored, but trust us, after a few days you’ll see the change. You’ll start feeling lighter and happy. You’ll start feeling at ease and calm as ever. But as they say, practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice, the more you’ll start walking towards perfection.

In this article of sarvyoga, we’ll discuss effective tips for doing meditation, especially for beginners. These are for those who have just started or planning to start meditation.

Effective tips for meditation beginners

Meditation Tips for beginners

Start with just five minutes

You’ll think that it’s easy. But actually, it will be hard then you are thinking. Five minutes at meditation will look like 5 days. Because obviously, you don’t have any experience to sit calmly (without work) in peace and silence, so it will look hard at first. Slowly and steadily increase the time by one-one minutes. For two months, don’t increase the time for more than 10 minutes. 10 minutes for beginners are more than enough.

Start your day with meditation

It would be great if you do this first in the morning. Just be motivated by repeating every night-I’ll do meditation tomorrow morning. Keep motivating yourself and you’ll definitely be practicing the next day. You’ll find a perfect place and time to do meditation, without an excuse.

NO-NO-NO excuse

Please don’t fool yourself by making unnecessary excuses. You know those excuses are simply silly. Just find a way out of every excuse and do the task happily and whole-heartedly. If you don’t have a mat, sit on the bed. In case you had a leg-injury, take any comfortable posture. If you have an early meeting, wake up even before. Every excuse has a way. Find a way and keep going. You’ll definitely be proud of yourselves later on for not making yourselves fool.

Focus on the breathing

Now that you are all set to start a meditation session, start with focusing on your breathing. We know it is too difficult to sit for a while in complete silence but try. Try counting your breath. This attentiveness will make you more enthusiastic about meditation. When you inhale and exhale, count it as one. This way try to be focused.

Wandering is ok, but do come back

The mind wanders, and it’s ok! You just have to remember to come back. Your mind might go here & there. To your past and memories, to the movies and the books, you read recently. Maybe to the people you met, or the office incident that happened, and more. That’s ok! The mind has all the freedom to roam around, but make sure it comebacks. You might feel a bit irritated for not being able to concentrate properly, but chill! This is where the practice is required. Keep doing and keep practicing. You’ll definitely win!

Love and spread love

Spreading love and joyfulness lets you keep cheerful, loving, and calm. When you think positive and have good thoughts, you inculcate a habit of staying friendly and positive. This attitude helps you during meditation. You might have noticed that meditation practitioners stay calm and composed, this is because of the positive thought they inculcate. They don’t allow any negativity to penetrate. 
While practicing meditation, when the here-there thought comes to your mind, don’t be angry, and rather treat those thoughts with love. Let them come, and let them go. They belong to you, they are your part.
If you feel that you are not doing correct, don’t worry, nobody is perfect, and we learn by our mistakes. Just feel thankful that you are able to do it, and perform it happily.

Mind will clean itself

If you think you need to clean your mind with any kind of thoughts, and this cleaning process is holding you back, then don’t worry, it will come on time. Many people think that we should do not let any kind of thoughts enter inside our minds, then only they are ready to practice meditation. This is not really true. A positive attitude and positive thoughts come by time, you need not force it. Your brain isn’t a go-down or a factory, don’t force it anything. It will adapt to everything itself.

Know your inner self

Meditation isn’t just about concentration, or taking the focus to zero or a point. It is also about knowing your inner self. You should act friendly with yourself. Things that haunt you, don’t run away from them, rather analyze, and act accordingly. This will flush out all your fears, and make you a better being.

Guided meditation/Yog Nidra

If it is too troublesome for you to sit in a posture and meditate, then take the help of guided meditation. There are several guided meditation videos are available on the internet. You may also use yog Nidra. While you lie down on the floor, yoga mat, or on your bed, you can simply turn on yog Nidra. This will help you in sleeping sound and meditation.

Sarvyoga takeaway

Apart from all these tips for meditation beginners, do keep in mind to be absolutely disciplined. Commit to yourself and regularly practice meditation without any excuse. Sitting meditation is the best way to start. You can start it anywhere, even while your daily commute. If it is difficult to practice it alone, you can find a few meditation companions around you. There are several groups on Facebook, insta, where you can find meditation lovers, and friends.

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