Yoga for The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Easy Yoga Asanas for The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Hurray!! You are going to be a mother soon. You are excited and so we are. As you enter the third trimester of your pregnancy, 7th to 9th month, the situation seems exciting yet difficult. You might not be able to bend or tie your own shoelaces. It might be difficult to even turn and change your posture while lying on the bed. Your belly grows as the baby development is faster in this period. You might even feel tired and feel irritated. If you practiced yoga asana regularly then you should be a bit relaxed now, because this is not the appropriate time to put a strain on your body. Be at ease. But do not completely be relaxed. Do keep practicing easy yoga asanas in your third trimester of pregnancy at your convenience.

Are You a Beginner, read it

You might have not got enough time to practice yoga in your first or second trimester because of your office and daily routine. So once you get your maternity leaves approved, just go to a qualified and experienced prenatal yoga teacher, and discuss your case. Do as per your instructor guides you.

Read it if You are a Yoga Practitioner

If you have been practicing yoga before or after pregnancy then you should be having an idea of how your body responds, and you must be knowing the ways to deal with uncertain mood swings and changing body. Go ahead and keep practicing your asanas under your instructor’s guidance.

Yoga for The Third Trimester of Pregnancy
Yoga for The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Be Prepared for the Moment you’ll be a Mother

Not even physically, but yoga will help you to be mentally prepared for the birth of your baby. Yoga will teach you to be calm and composed in that crucial time. Notice your breathe. Feel the difference and try to balance it. You’ll be fine. Just be mentally prepared.

Minimize the Number of Inversions

When you complete your 34-35th week, you must minimize the number of inversions you practice. You baby must be in a settling position, give your baby time and let him/her settle down in your belly. Disturbing the baby won’t be a good idea.

Stop these asanas:

Tips for you in your Pregnancy third Trimester

You are Turning Beautiful, Accept the Changes

Avoid being irritated and annoyed over the changes in your body. You might be unable to do certain things, but it is okay. Accept the changes, and welcome the NEW YOU!

Spend time with your unborn baby

You must be feeling the presence of your baby inside you. Spend time with your baby. Make a habit to talk to you little one. Make space for the baby inside your belly by performing certain asanas. Have a good time.

Do balancing

By now you must have experienced that balancing your body is the most difficult task during pregnancy. So it would be better to practice more and more balancing postures.

Avoid bend and inversions

Bend and inversions anyway will be difficult for you in this new body structure. Do not strain your abdomen.

Try more pranayama than asanas in the third trimester of pregnancy

Asana is no doubt important, but nothing can beat pranayama. Do more pranayama than asanas. Use your breathe and make a bond with your baby. Let the baby feel you and you feel the little one. Trust us, it works.

Yoga asanas for your third trimester of pregnancy

Gentle Neck and Shoulder Rolls

Circulate your head front and back, and then left and right. Do this opposite side also and breathe softly. Circulate your shoulders the same way. Do this for around 4-6 times. This relieves stress from your mind and makes you relaxed. Also removes any strain from neck and shoulders. Useful for relaxing the stress on neck and spine.

Full Shoulder Rotation

Place the right fingers on the right shoulder, start rotating shoulder and joint around, make a large circle, and stretch while revolving. Do with both the hands together. Exhale when you bring the round forward, and inhale when you open the chest. It helps in loosening the shoulder joints.

Bandh Konasana, for your third trimester of pregnancy

Sit and outstretch your legs. Fold your knees and join both the souls. The joined souls should be near your body, hold them with both hands. Very softly start shaking your souls up and down. Do not pressurize any part of your body. You may do this for around 15-20 times. This relaxes the muscle of your thighs, calves, and increases the blood circulation.

Cat posture, releases back stress

Learn to perform cat posture from here. Remember to perform it under a certified trainer and don’t forget to use support. This is one of the famous ordinarily performed postures in the world. An individual’s stance is thought to be a vital part of having the capacity to lead a cheerful and solid life and the feline stance is thought to be a standout amongst the best yoga postures with regards to amending pose. This relaxes the muscle of your back, which is much needed in pregnancy and eases your mood complexity. The most important benefit of this asana is that it helps in the proper positioning of the baby.

Tadasana…excellent for third trimester

“Tada” is a Sanskrit word, which means a Palm tree or can be referred to as a mountain. Asana as we all know is a pose. Tadasana is the beginning and ending Asana of Surya Namaskar. Learn to practice tadasana. Pregnant ladies in their third trimester should be careful while doing tadasana. Also, do not strain your body, do as per your capabilities. It is helpful as it increases balancing and makes a nice posture. It is a stress buster so you must practice it.

Sarvyoga takeaway

There are many poses than could be practiced during the third semester of maternity. It is advised to practice yoga in this crucial time under the guidance of your certified yoga instructor. Do not forget to consult your doctor and share your medical history and progress with your instructor as well. Do not practice asanas that are uncomfortable for you in your third trimester of pregnancy. This is a time when your body will witness too many changes, practicing yoga and especially pranayama will help you to beat all the odds and enjoy this time happily.

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