Control your Anger with these Simple Steps

We become uncontrollable when anger arrives at our head, don’t we! It is an emotional reaction that comes naturally. But when it is worse when maximized. It affects your relationships, work, personal lives, mental health, physical health, and whatnot. Controlling anger is a necessity, we never advise to ignore or suppress it, but control it. It is an art, an art well managed by mind, heart, and soul. To cool down your mind when you feel like shouting out of anger is truly an art. Self-power and yoga can help you with this. So take out your mat and get ready to practice simple steps/asanas to control your anger.    

These simple steps will let you control your anger and can be performed by those who feel that their anger is uncontrollable, and they need to hold it down. You think you often get into trouble the way your anger holds you! Then this article is surely for you. But before jumping into the solution, let us first understand what exactly anger is, and what can be the effects of it.

Control Your Anger with these Simple Steps

Understanding Anger

It is a reaction to any unwanted situation. As soon as the anger hits you, it is suggested to practice to stay calm. If you successfully stand cool in the given situation, you did it, but mostly people are not able to practice it. It affects almost our mental & physical fitness, our lives, and everything we have.

Not at all Good for Health

Anger forces you to react. You have two options: either fight, or take a flight mode, means to be silent and calm. The medical reactions of anger is palpitation, high blood pressure, increased stress, increased heart-beat, increased or rapid breathing. In total, anger is extremely bad for health and gives various adverse effects, and your whole life.

Anger May Lead You to These Problems:

  • Heart attack
  • Brain attack/brain stroke
  • Low immunity
  • Lack of sleep
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Head ache
  • Indigestion
  • Stress
  • Palpitation
  • Negativity
  • Physical issues
  • Mental issues

Know Your Anger

Who doesn’t know the cons of anger! Everyone knows! Still we get angry and it is very natural reaction actually. We, as a kid are being taught not to be angry, but we are not told that how can we control our anger. We would suggest that before jumping to any solution or medication, you should first know and understand your anger, and then take simple steps to control your anger.

Whenever we see things not according to us, we get angry. The reason is that we are not able to accept it, as a result, we blast out and become angry. Sometimes we act in a way that we feel guilty about our reactions later.

Accepting the situation is the best way to control or reduce your anger. We being angry surely cannot change the scenario. But we can change the way we react. It’s better to accept the situation as it is and act accordingly.

One best way to deal with your anger is start doing yoga or meditation. It works magically.

Simple Steps to Control Your Anger

Keep a Check on Your Diet

There are certain days when you feel good and during some days you feel irritated, anxious, restless, isn’t it! It is because of the diet you take! Diet plays an important role to set the mood for the day. There are some sort of food which make you hyper and anxious. Whenever you face such issues, try avoiding non-veg food, oil, spice, etc, instead try having fruits, vegetables, juices. You’ll see a major change in your behaviour and mood. It truly works.

Rest is Best

To rest fully is the biggest stress buster. Sleeping well makes you feel good and relaxed. If you realize that you are getting furious and angry more often, you need to analyze your sleeping hours or may be sleeping patter too. It might be the restlessness that is making you angry and finicky. One should atleast take sound sleep for atleast 6-8 hours. Rest, relax and sleep well is the mantra that will definitely work.

Yoga is the Best Way Out

What’s best than yoga? Nothing! Make yoga your best friend and you’ll see wonders. Include yoga in your daily regime. Everyday for atleast 15 minutes put your body on ‘yoga workout’. You may start with pranayama, which includes breathing practices. After making pranayama a habit, start doing some stretching, followed by surya namaskar, which is an essential part of yoga asanas if you want to reduce your anger.

Focus on Breathing

Try Bhastrika. Nadi shodhan is also beneficial to reduce stress, anxiety, and makes you calm in stranger situations. You may try taking classes from a qualified instructor.

Deep Breathe In…Breathe Out

Whenever you find yourself in an anxious situation, try breathing deep. It helps magically. Once you start taking deep breathe, you’ll see yourself calming down quickly. Try this out!

Om chant

Om chant works. Or you can simply try chanting mmm or hmmm. If situation allows, close your eyes and chant either Om, mmm, or hmmm. You’ll find yourself calming down. It takes just a couple of minutes, and you’ll be alright.

Meditation is the Right Medicine

Meditation will help you to stay calm. If you feel that you are getting angry frequently, include meditation session in your daily routine. Meditate daily, just like you brush, make it a habit. A 10 minutes meditation will help you avoid losing your control over your anger. Later you can increase this time duration to 15 or maybe 20 minutes. Meditation truly is magical. Do try!

Sarvyoga Takeaway

Sarvyoga suggested simple steps to control your anger. However, every 3rd person is suffering from anger issues. It is advisable to take a medical consultation if things aren’t in control.  

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  1. Dr. Elena Dcosta

    In heat moment, you easily say something but regret later on. However, you should think for a moment before speaking. In fact, collect your thoughts before speaking something. More, you can allow others to involve in your anger situation.

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