Astavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose)

Astavakrasana or Eight Angle Pose is dedicated to the well-known sage Ashtavakra. According to the Ancient story, Ashtavakra had displeased his father while he was in the womb, so he was cursed and was born curved in eight places.

In Astavakrasana Asta means eight, Vakra means to bend and the meaning of Asana is pose, seat or posture. While performing this Asana, your body looks like crooked same as Sage Ashtavakra, so that’s why this Asana named so. Astavakrasana is an intense arm balance pose with the twist. When you practice this Yoga pose, you should keep in your mind to let go of your limitations or weakness (Physically and mentally). Eight Angle Pose is a great way to build your equilibrium and stability while strengthening your wrists and arms.

Preparatory Yoga Poses: – Chaturanga Dandasana, Utthita Parsvakonasana, Uttanasana.

Follow – Up Yoga Poses: – Bhujapidasana, Dwi Pada Bhujasana.

Style of Asana: – Ashtanga yoga.

Level of Asana: Advanced

Steps of Eight Angle Pose(Astavakrasana)

  • First of all, sit down in the cross – legged position comfortably and your right knee should bend and keep the sole of the same foot (right) just near to your right hips/ buttock.
  • Keep your right arm thread underneath your right knee. Lift up your right foot’s sole off the floor, make your shin is parallel to the ground at this moment.
  • Now, try to bring right knee in the upward position as much as you can by your right arm. Your knee ought to be brought over the right shoulder.
  • After that, put your palms strongly on the floor, during this keep your left leg straight.
  • By using your palms and arms strength, lift up your body from the ground.
  • Once you raised left leg, bend the left leg, and try to hook the left ankle around your right leg.
  • At that time, keep your torso wider towards the forward direction in a way that it becomes parallel to the floor.
  • After that, put your both legs to come to the right side of your body.
  • Make sure to keep your both your legs straight.
  • Hold the position about 30 to 60 seconds with normal and even breathing.
  • Now, get your body down to the floor and repeat the same process on the alternative side.

(If you are uncomfortable in this pose then, Use a bolster to rest the bottom of your buttock and your outer legs.)

Benefits of the Eight Angle Pose

  • If you really want to make your arms and wrists strong, then this is best for you.
  • Astavakrasana stretches your legs and arms.
  • Strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles.
  • Eight Angle Pose Improves your digestive system.
  • Boosts your concentration and balance. Calms your mind and kick out stress and anxiety.
  • Astavakrasana Beneficial in Menstrual disorders and menopausal symptoms.
  • This Yoga pose is challenging pose, by which it helps your body and mind to make a great connect.
  • The challenge of the pose helps the body and mind to build a great connect.


Don’t perform this pose, if you have wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries. Astavakrasana is very intense so practice preparatory poses, follow- ups poses and forward bending Asana before performing this pose. Don’t push your limit during asana, do as much as you can. Performing Asana in a right manner is very essential for every learner. So, perform all the yogic activities in under the supervision of an expert trainer/teacher.

(Love all the Human Beings and Animals; Keep practicing Yoga)

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