Anantasana (Infinite Yoga Pose)

Generally, the meaning of “Ananta” is infinite and it is the one name of Lord Vishnu’s from his many famous names. When you perform Anantasana your body very much resembles the relaxing Pose of Lord Vishnu’s.

He rests on the thousands headed serpent according to Hindu religion, 1000 headed serpent is also known as “Ananta”. So, that’s why this pose is named so.

Anantasana-Infinite-Yoga-Pose-steps-benefitsAnantasana stretches your legs and also it is famous for its’ reclining balancing position. The side Reclining leg lift is another name of Anantasana. Very interesting and fantastic yoga pose for beginner’s, also for intermediate level practitioners. So, let’s start the pose step by step.

Name of Asana: – Infinite yoga Pose

Sanskrit Name: – अनन्तासन

Level of Asana: – Basic/Intermediate

Other Names: – Eternal One’s Pose, Side Reclining leg lift, Sleeping Vishnu Pose

Steps of Anantasana (Infinite yoga pose)

  • The first step, getting down flat on your yoga mat and slowly turn towards left. You have to keep yourself steady when you are taking this position.
  • Press your outer part of the left foot along with keeping your heels strongly into the ground/Yoga mat.
  • After that, lift your right arm beyond (over) your head. At this point, you have to keep your arms perpendicular to your body.
  • By your left arm assist (support) your head when you lift it off the ground/floor and assist it onto your palms.
  • Then, you have to bend your right leg at the knee. Try to reach your big toe by your right arm. Catch it with the help of your first two fingers and by your thumb.
  • You have to steady for a few seconds, at that time prepare yourself to maintain your body balance.
  • After that, breathe out and extend your right leg up in direction of a ceiling (lift your leg towards the ceiling).
  • Extend your leg as much as you can, and keep your leg and arm completely erect.
  • This is the final position and you have to remain in the pose for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Now, gently lower down your leg and lower down your palm, rest your head on a yoga mat. You have to wait for a few seconds. Then, follow the same steps to your right side with your left leg up for the same duration.

Yoga Tip for Beginners

Beginners can use props, although Anantasana is not a tough Asana. Beginners may use a wedge/bolster to your back for maintaining body balance during performing this Asana.

Benefits of Anantasana (the Side – Reclining leg lift Pose)

Here are some fantastic benefits of Anantasana.

  • Infinite Yoga Pose stretches & strengthens your hamstrings, back of your leg part and sides of your torso.
  • It makes your leg muscles and spine more flexible.
  • Anantasana tones your abdominal muscles by this your digestion is improved.
  • Anantasana helps to develop your pelvic region.
  • It helps to reduce your thighs and hips weight.
  • By this Asana, there is a good circulation in your legs.
  • Beneficial in sciatica, hypertension, colitis, and arthritis.
  • Anantasana helps to release tension and stress from your body.
  • The infinite pose also helps in to cure the problems related to the urinary bladder, ovaries, prostate, and uterus.

Pose Variation

Challenge yourself by performing the advanced level of Anantasana. In Advance pose variation, you can draw your lower knee to your ear and try to maintain your balance. But perform this, when you are comfortable or master in the basic level of Anantasana.


Here are some important points, that you should keep in your mind before the practicing this Pose. Strictly avoid this Asana in case of shoulders or neck injury. In the case of slip disc, sciatica or Spondylitis, you have to practice this Pose only under the supervision of an expert trainer.

Scientific Aspect of Anantasana (Infinite Yoga Pose)

Anantasana seems to be very easy, when you are performing this Asana you feel like you are lounging around. But somewhere down the line, you need more strength, flexibility, and balance for performing Anantasana peacefully with comfortable. Anantasana also motivates you to look deep inside in your mind and find an abyssal of intuitive rest, steadiness and knowing.

(Don’t play a blame game, first look at yourself)

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