Pranayama (Vital source of energy)

pranayama comprise of breathing exercise which provides oxygenated blood to our entire body and its organs. We get 54% energy from Air, therefore, it is very important to understand the value of Pranayam for healthy existences.

We are trying our level best, to briefly discuss the concept of Pranayama (breathing exercises). You can easily understand the concept of Pranayama from the diagram which shown below

The Concept of Pranayama

concept-of-pranayamaThe word Pranayama (breathing exercises) is made from the combination of two words: ‘Prana’ and ‘Ayama’.

Prana means “vital energy” or “life force” The meaning of Ayama is extension or expansion. Thus, the word pranayama means extension or expansion of the dimension of prana. The techniques of pranayama provide the method whereby the life force can be activated and regulated in order to go beyond one’s normal boundaries or limitations and attain a higher state of vibratory energy and awareness. Prana is the vital link between the body and mind. Breath is an important vehicle for Prana.

Breath is the bridge between body and emotions. By regulating the breath, you can shift from the state of being upset, fearful and angry to a calm, centered and balanced state.

Four Aspects of Pranayama

In Pranayama there are four main important aspects of breathing. These are:

  • Poorak or inhalation.
  • Rechak or exhalation.
  • Antar kumbhak or internal breath retention.
  • Bahir kumbhak or external breath retention.

Types of Breathing Exercises

Different – different books there are different – different Pranayama is mentioned. But we mention the most commonly practiced breathing exercises according to “Patanjali yoga sutra”.

Other Breathing Technique


If you really want to get the benefit of breathing exercises is easily and simply, this can happen only when your body has sufficient iron to absorb oxygen, to absorb iron body needs vitamin C, Vitamin C is water-soluble. If you don’t use it you lose it, for this, it is important to include vitamin C in your daily diet.

Want to know more about Pranayama?


Practice Yoga Asana & Pranayama (breathing exercises) under the supervision of yoga instructors.

27 thoughts on “Pranayama (Vital source of energy)”

  1. Hello

    my younger brother having brain cancer his treatment is going in AIIMS DELHI.
    is there any yoga aasan that will be benefical in this condition.

    kindly reply

    1. Hello,
      Sad to hear this. It is important to know the history and present condition of the patient. As far as yoga is concerned I would like to suggest you that contact some yoga therapist, who has knowledge of the therapy n not merely a trainer, personally along with your reports. It is not right to advice you something of yogic techniques here on a website in critical problem such as brain cancer. I can give you a contact number which can help you or can atleast guide you if you are really in need. 9634109405 .. you can contact this number if needed.

    2. practice anulom vilom and nadi shodhan pranayama regularly for 20-20 minutes and day by day increase the time. after the treatment from AIIMS , our suggestion is , please visit patanjali yogpeeth once. we prey for your brother that he will get over from this, god bless you

    3. Brother one guy was having a brain tumor and even doctors told him that he can’t be cured. And surprisingly baba ramdev treated him at his ashram and he is now well.

      1. Thanks for sharing such nice and motivational experience with us. Yoga has a power and it will cure any chronic disease if perform it regularly and in a correct manner with guidance. But patience and trust work as a catalyst in such type of cases. We are happy for this guy.
        keep sharing this with others.
        May God bless you and again thanks for sharing this with us. Keep connected with us.

  2. Hello,
    I have perforated eardrum and due to this I have hearing loss as well. I consulted ENT specialists and they suggestted for surgery to close it and improve the hearing capacity.
    I am not happy to go for any surgery.

    Could you please suggest me any yoga/pranayam/meditation which will naturally help to heal perforated eardrum and improve hearing capacity?

    1. In this case usually it get healed up within few weeks provided u r ears are kept dry n shouldn’t have any infection… Still no such specific practices have been evidensed in yoga.. There are practices in yoga which are beneficial for ears but or perforated eardrum it is not yet studies whether yoga is helpful or not.. So it is better to go for ayurvedic consultation once…


    Sir, I am a Rheumatic Heart Disease patient and got the mitral valve replaced in April,2016 with a St.Jude EPIC Bio prosthetic tissue valve. But after the surgery I developed plural effusion in January 2017 and about 2 ltrs of fluid has been aspirated . Since my pulse rate become normal between 64 to 82, he withdrew some medicines prescribed for controlling pulse rate and anti-coagulant medicines were also withdrawn. But from the 2nd week of March, all those problems of increased pulse rate etc came back and I was advised to take the medicines again.
    Now, my vitality has gone down to the extent that I cannot walk at a stretch of maximum 10 minutes and breathing trouble has set in.On informing the doctor , he says in about 40% of cases such complications grow and he has nothing to do.
    Now, being a believer of yogic methods on human body , I feel that it will help me enormously as I have started bhastrika and kapalbhati pranayamas for about a week and I can feel the positiveness of doing the pranayamas regularly has given me new hope of light and so I am submitting myself before you to save my life . I reside at Srirampore, HOOGHLY of West Bungay and if you do have any training centre around this locality , you may refer me to seek advice.
    My phone number is 9433153599 and email Id is “[email protected] “.
    Hope that my submission of the facts would soften your mind and your sympathy and help will do wonderful result for me.
    Thanks ,
    With regards,
    Aloke Kumar Basu. 7

    1. Thnx @ ALOKE KUMAR BASU for your valuable comments. we are happy that you feel positiveness by practicing yoga. It’s all your hard work, believe and daily practices. At this time there is no training centre of our’s in india, coz we provide contents by website. but you gave us idea so definitely in future we will open a training centre. But please practice this regularly and spread the knowledge and your experiences to others. We are glad that, you share your experiences thnx a lot and if you have any suggestions pls write us. Our main motto is spread the knowledge of yog in very simple words, by which every people easily to understand. God bless you. Eat healthy live well. and thnx for providing ur contact no. and email id

  4. Nurse for last 30 years, unable to work, suffering from head tremors, like to go back to nursing with cofidence. please help.

    1. @Shuba, It is an involuntary, rhythmic muscle contraction leading to shaking movements in one or more parts of the body. It is a common movement disorder that most often affects the hands but can also occur in the arms, head, vocal cords, torso, and legs. Tremor may be intermittent (occurring at separate times, with breaks) or constant. It can occur sporadically (on its own) or happen as a result of another disorder.

      Tremor is most common among middle-aged and older adults, although it can occur at any age.The disorder generally affects men and women equally.
      We advised you to consult an expert Yogacharya as well as Ayurveda doctor. Our Blessing is with you.
      Tremor is not life threatening. However, it can be embarrassing and even disabling, making it difficult or even impossible to perform work and daily life tasks.
      By yoga this problem is

  5. Dear Sir,
    I am 67 years young Indian woman residing in NorthEast USA since last 41 years.
    Medical conditions I have are: seizures ( controlled, last year it happened two times),
    Severe Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Glaucoma,…., and now may be advancing to RA or Psoriatic Arthritis …! No BP, Heart, Sugar, Kidney, Liver, Lung issues…!

    I was very impressed by Baba Ramdev’s Kapalbhati information on YouTube.

    Please advise if Kapalbhati or any other yoga techniques can help me with my arthritis pain
    and the mobility of the fingers, and stop or delay the progression of arthritic disease?

    I really appreciate any comments from Yoga Guru..

    Thank you n God bless you…

    1. @Rita Thanks for your views, in your problem you need proper treatment like Panchakarma or Naturopathy.
      But You can do Anulom Vilom, kapalbhati & Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Start these breathing exercise with short time & as per your comfort ability increase the time). Only yoga will not do, in your Problem you need Ayurveda Doctor attention. So, we advice start your Treatment, Panchkarma & Naturopathy is best for you.
      Best Wishes for your Healthy life & Hope You’ll get over from your issue soon and don’t loose your hope.

  6. i am 50years old. what kind of yoga beneficial to maintain high blood pressure as well as to reducing fats of belly..

      1. I have psoriatic arthritis. My BP is higher as well. I have started doing pranayama. Can you tell me which ones are good for skin conditions like psoriasis.
        Thanks in advance

        1. Om! it’s sad to hear that you are facing the chronic issue Psoriatic arthritis. It requires a medical diagnose. If you take medications then it will reduce the inflammation but it’s not the permanent solution.
          Its treatment comes with steroid injections and joint replacement surgery.
          We advise you that for once try Naturopathy treatment for your Problem.
          but for your High BP perform Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodhan, Bhramari, and udgeeth. This pranayama is also beneficial for your skin. Along with performing some minor leg rotation exercise. Avoid Kaplabhati but as your BP is Normal you can perform this.
          In Asana Do Virabhadrasana, Downward facing dog pose. Take amla and Aloe vera Juice its good for your condition.
          Please for Once Visit or concern well-certified Naturopathy expert.
          May God Bless you & Be strong.

  7. Hi,
    I am Aashoke.

    I am diabetic and having high BP. Could you please suggest me asanas and pranayam to be done.


  8. hi can any explain the following sequence of pranayama is correct ?

    1. Bhastrika

    2. Kapalabathi

    3. Baahya

    4. Agnisaar

    5. Sheetali

    6. Anuloma viloma / Nadi shodana

    7. Bhramari

    8. Udgeetha

    9. Pranava pranayam

    10 . Ujjayi pranayama

    1. Om!
      here the sequence,
      3.Anulom Vilom
      4.Nadi Shodhana
      5. Ujjayi
      These are the main Pranayama in which Bhramari, udgeeth and Pranav are performed sequence wisely. Start your Breathing season by Bhastrika Then Kapalbhati after that you can perform the rest of Pranayama according to your choice and you can also add Bahya Pranayama in number 3 or 4.This above-mentioned Pranayama is based on Patanjali Yoga Sutra. But in Hatha Yoga some Pranayama is different so don’t confuse.
      Agni Sar is not a Breathing process, it’s a cleansing process (especially for your digestive system) but with Pranayama you can perform this.
      Apart from that, perform sheetali and sheetkaari after Pranav or before meditation.
      Hope your doubt is clear. If you have any confusion then write to us.
      Thanks for your valuable comment.

  9. What Asanas to practice for Good concentration, Strong will power, Clarity of mind. And also for Hair fall, grey hairs. Now a days I see that hearing is not clear. yogas for improving hearing.

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