Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal yoga practice is not intended to make you practice some postures and breathing exercises rather it intends to keep you stable, calm, patient and peaceful so that the life inside womb get proper nourishment.

We always provide traditional yoga and power yoga with shatkarma

We also focus on Prenatal Yoga Posture, breathing exercises and Meditation

Prenatal yoga classes Online INR 1999 per Session
Classes: 3 days in a week (12 Classes in a month @ INR 20K)
Classes: 5 days in a week (20 Classes in a month @ INR 30K)

sarvyoga studio yoga classes in gurgaon
a complete Beginners Guide to Kundalini Yoga
Inhaling exhaling from the nostrils

Learn & Practice Yoga Asana

Boost immunity System With Yoga

In this fast moving world where one hardly gets time to take care of himself, we always focus on our session to provide a complete yoga routine that you can follow to maintain your immunity.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga helps you to prepare for labour and promote baby’s health.

it decrease pregnancy-induced hypertension and intrauterine growth restriction – a condition that slows a baby’s growth.

Yoga For Disease Control

The disease can not only just be controlled but even be cured by Yoga. such as diabetes, Weight loss, cervical or neck pain, bp control, Back pain etc. Sarvyoga has a Special team of experienced Yoga Teachers for Disease control.

Meditation Session and shatkarma Yoga

Yoga is also said to be a way of life and when practiced gives all-round benefits. Meditation is a part of yoga, which deals with mental relaxation and concentration.

Yoga Teachers at Sarvyoga


Ankit Chaudhary
Yoga Teacher


Graduate and Masters in yoga science from University of Patanjali Haridwar, Certified International Yoga Teacher,


7 years of experience teaching and providing yoga, meditation, and pranayama in Gurgaon Hariyana, from the Last 3 years working with Sarvyoga Gurgaon as a Yoga Teacher and yoga therapist.


Kajal Tyagi
Yoga Teacher


B.Sc. (yoga science), Astanga vinyasa yoga workshop, yoga trainer assessed by beauty &wellness sector skill council, certified by the national skill development corporation


4 year of internships experience teaching and providing yoga, meditation, and pranayama in Patanjali Ayurveda hospital (Shatkarma department)

What people say about Sarvyoga

Myself and my husband really enjoying yoga class here. My husband had never done any yoga before but our yoga teacher went through each of the steps very clearly and made it a really relaxing and also fun experience for both of us.

Sheetal Kapoor
Interior Designers

I’m so happy I chose my Fitness yoga Classes with Sarvyoga because they really have the best knowledgeable teachers. @Ankit is the best teacher for asanas. He has such a nice calming, healing energy that in his presence you are capable of everything.


Sandhya Singh