Corporate Yoga Classes Online

Sarvyoga is Providing Corporate Yoga Classes Online.

The corporate yoga sessions by Sarvyoga will help to build a positive and healthy atmosphere at offices. We offer highly effective yet simple wellbeing programs that can be presented in a type of way to meet the requirements of your team.

We always provide traditional yoga and power yoga with shatkarma

Up to 50 -70 employees can join the session

Corporate yoga Classes Online:
Classes: 4 days in a Month (2Booster session) @ INR 40K + GST

Corporate yoga Classes Online:
Classes: 1 Session in a Month @ INR 10K + GST

a complete Beginners Guide to Kundalini Yoga

Learn & Practice Yoga Asana

Physical Fitness & Removal of Hyper Tension

Corporate yoga will help the office staff in releasing stress, work pressure and helps them to be stress/anxiety free.
It is also directly linked to having a stronger immune system and being more resilient, which is why workplace exercise is a core part of most staff wellbeing. It also helps to reduce the side effects of Obesity, backache and long age issues.

Work Life Balance

People are, sometimes, grouchy at work because they struggle to find that elusive work-life balance.
Yoga will help them to manage their time better. They will find time not only for work and home but also for the society at large which end up with healthy work environment.

focus on work with mental strength

Yoga engagement activities (which includes meditation, mental focus and breathing techniques) is proven to improve grey matter and cognitive performance, increasing levels of concentration, memory and learning. It enhances mental agility, resulting in better executive decision making and creativity with ends up with higher productivity in work premise.

Building Community

Online Corporate Yoga classes connect people near and far. It also helps to maintain the interaction in between each staff. It allows employees to participate in a shared experience regardless of their skill levels and creates opportunities for them to bond in a relaxed and fun setting.

What we provide to corporate houses?

We provide the various ranges and package of Yoga Services for the Corporate houses We brings corporate
Yoga services through & after legal commitment (written format). (You need is to provide a space in which we
conduct the class and Mats). Our all services are chargeable.

We are Using these techniques such as :

  • Asana (Exercise & Stretching)
  • Pranayam ( Breathing Exercises)
  • Yoga Nidra & Auto suggestion (Relaxation techniques)
  • Concentration and Meditation(Guided Meditation)
  • Mindfulness
  • Diet and Lifestyle( Healthy food habits and Kitchen remedies)
  • Self-Awareness and Introspection & Positive thinking.
  • Know you Self

We designed (presents) Corporate Yoga program “Yoga for Healthy Workplace” for the positive physical and
mental health of the employees for the corporate group, The unique feature of this program is that it based on
two approaches that are ---science of Yoga and Psychology (Psychological Counseling and Testing&
Assessment).We combine yoga and psychology for best results from corporate group.

Yoga Experts at Sarvyoga


Sovinder Jaguri
Yoga Expert


Graduate and Masters in yoga science from University of Patanjali Haridwar, Certified International Yoga Teacher,


10 years of handful experience in teaching yoga, meditation with major focus on pranayama.
Some of the expertise countries he serve are- Vietnam(4 years), china(2 years), Bali(1 year i.e. Indonesia).


Kajal Tyagi
Yoga Teacher


B.Sc. (yoga science), Astanga vinyasa yoga workshop, yoga trainer assessed by beauty &wellness sector skill council, certified by the national skill development corporation


4 year of internship experience in teaching and providing yoga, meditation, and pranayama in Patanjali Ayurveda hospital (Shatkarma department).
Now working with sarvyoga from last 3 years.

What people say about Sarvyoga

Myself and my husband really enjoying yoga class here. My husband had never done any yoga before but our yoga teacher went through each of the steps very clearly and made it a really relaxing and also fun experience for both of us.

Sheetal Kapoor
Interior Designers

I’m so happy I chose my Fitness yoga Classes with Sarvyoga because they really have the best knowledgeable teachers. @Ankit is the best teacher for asanas. He has such a nice calming, healing energy that in his presence you are capable of everything.


Sandhya Singh


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